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I have rectal pain and it is during driving. Observed reddish in that inner area

Hi, If you are facing this problem since a month then it is for sure that it is not a simple infection and it is better that you consult a doctor. Till that time you can have a pain killer along with a combination of a anti-inflamatory(diclofenac+seratiopeptidase) ...

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I have been diagnosed with IBS a little over 10 years ago by a gasterenterologist. They did the colonoscopy and determined that it was IBS (diarrhea only for me), but I have not been back since due to financial hardship. I have been experiencing some pain, bloating, gas, unusual bowel movements for me - constipation, and unusual looking feces. It has at times looked to be long and thin which is quite abnormal. I have been a vegetarian for 18 years but for the last 8 months have been vegan. These symptoms have not come on until about 2 months ago, however. If anything, I am eating a lot more fruits, vegetables and fiber, which should make me more regular and NOT constipated (I do not eat any dairy or eggs - nothing from animals at all). I used to have to take 3-4 Immodim a day before going to work just to function at my job, but recently, I have not been taking any of it and still have trouble going to the bathroom. I am concerned that this may be something serious. I have read everything I can about these symptoms and have seen that it could be a sign of colon or rectal cancer. I am not an alarmist, but am interested to know if I should be seeking medical attention immediately. Thoughts? Thank you. Rebecca

dear rebecca, pleased to know how keen you are with your health (many people are sooooo careless). As for your IBS, it is a wise idea to undergo a colonoscopy once every year. Cancer or colon or rectum is very rare and there are early signs of it like a polyp which can be easily diagnosed and removed by colonoscopy. so if you really need to be cautious, you have to underdo a colonoscopy once every year. Take care. www. pilesfreedom. com ...

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Hi im feeling palpating in the back of my head or somewhere on my occipital area since when i experience having the mitral valve prolapse syndrome, are they related and should i be concerned? Thankz pls email me

No, they aren't related, mitral valve prolapse doesn't cause palpations in your head. If it is severe it causes heart problems, but if it is not severe, you may not even feel it. Your condition can be psychological, but you can visit neurologist for full neurologic examination. ...

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I need to know the cost of rectal prolapse surgery.

dear kemu, The real cost depend upon your condition . Cost also varies with general or private ward. Still it is not so high that you have to think twice. ...

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