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I have been taking Oxirute CD tablets one in the morning and one in the evening daily for almost 20 days. Can this tablet be taken for a very long time. Does it have any side effects. I am suffering from cronic fissures and movement my tools become hard I get severe pains, burning. I consume alcohol every night before dinner. Please advice how to get rid of Fissures permnently. I also take Laxitol solutions every day since more than 3 months. Does this also have any side effects.

Hi, I think you did spell the drug correctly,it should have been oxerute cd. The drug should not be taken for than 2 weeks or may be you have already taken it for 20 days so now you should stop taking it any further. Yes it has can have many side effects,specially in patients who are hypertensive. You have to treat constipation in a more natural way,person who has fissures usually repeatedly devlops fissures. Natural methods for treatment of constipation 1)avoid alcohol,specially empty stomach ...

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Dear doctors, I am a research scholar and working on signal transduction studies and regularly use several irritants and ion channel blockers. I am suffering from excess keratosis on palms and soles and some times deep painful fissures from almost two years. It was started as a small thickening patch an left arm and recovered after treatment with moisturizing creams. After that I went to Japan as part of my research programme and one nurse given me creams with anti-fungal compounds and urea but the problem was enhanced and started the deep fisures on my soles. I came back to India and used homeopathy medicine for one weak and after that i visited a doctor. He suggested me to apply lemon juice trice daily and use vitamin C along with high doses of antifungal tablets and creams. I used this medicine for 6 months which further worsen my situation and my skin became very thick and appeared like toe nails and spread-ed to all areas of palms and soles. I changed the doctor and he given me the isotretinol for 2 months and given vitamin A and D combination for 4 months which improved my condition alot. Now I am taking a dosage of 6000 IU Vit A and 1000 IU Vit D once for every 3days. Whether I will completely relieve from my problem with these medicines or is there any permanent recovery in ayurvedic?

U had allergic dermatitis problem this might be psychosomatic disease. . Cause are both external allergies chemicals etc internal weakened immunity changed blood composition nutritional deficiency etc. U Need proper ayurvedic treatment diet suppliment and even counselling. We have very good medicines and suppliments for ur problem. For more information call or what's app me on this site : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u ...

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i have some problem that is related to anal. i feel some allotment of muscles or muscles increase at anal cavity. i feel burning type feeling on stooling and if i take any spicy thing this symptoms increases. kindly suggest.

Good that you came out with this topic otherwise many people feel it is piles and go on taking alternative non-scientific treatments, You seem to be having an anal fissure. This is a tear in the wall of the anus and cause severe pricking, burning pain while passing stools which last for sometime even after motions. over the time period the anal opening becomes narrow and makes it difficult to pass stools. this is called anal canal stenosis. passage of stools through narrow passage again ca ...

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i 7 years back in school tried an anal-gay with my classmate nothing worked out. but, then i had rashes near the navel & genitals it was itchy. it was not red & no boils it caused dry skin. are the incident & the rashes related?? do i have hiv?? i asked my friend he said "no" he never had these symptoms. now i have a small white spot on my penis. i never took any treatment but the rashes went off. but the white spot just appeared what should i do?? is it fatal?? i wanna be a commercial pilot wat should i do??

Hi, White patch can be vitiligo and rashes can be due to simple bacterial infection it can't be said what is it without examining you. If you want you can attach your photo then i will be able to tell you better. You can get tested for hiv if you want to remove any thought about it. Hiv has no definative pattern with which it starts but it seems to be a self resolving infection. But white patch should not be left with out examination. ...

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i need a expert for anal fissure ayurvedic expert

I had treated many cases of anal fissure. I use to plan specific diet medicine suppliments for anal fissure without surgery. For appointment u can call me or what's app me on this number : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. ...

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over night the swollen limb occurred right beside anal. there no pain but it bothers

hi, a swollen lump besides the anus is mainly due to a small bleeding under the skin which is called a perianal hematoma or it is due to a pus bag called as an abscess. As you donot have pain, it seems less likely to be pus. Just observe it for a few days, if it grows in size or pains or bursts then you have to consult at colon rectal surgeon & proctologist. For the time being you can sit in tub of warm water (no need to add any medicines to it) for 10 min after every motions and also apart from ...

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Hello. i'm wondering if Can a broken coccyx cause anal bleeding? I've broken my coccyx. Its already 4months. I have pain and anal bleeding. Can they be connected and how?

both are different as usually coccyx fracture is a closed injury and it doesnot bleed. you can have a surgical consultation to see the cause of pain and for coccyx pain i can offer you treatment with shock wave therapy for permanent cure. see my website www.**url** ...

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