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I fractured ribs in my back after a fall about 4 years ago and they are hurting again, especially at night when I lay down. Also goes down around my right side kidney area also.

You need a X-ray of chest to find out if you ribs have healed properly or not. Meanwhile take tablets for the pain along with Calcium. You may also need an urine test and USG of the abdomen in order to rule out any kidney problem ...

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Bad charlie horses in my one foot and back of my leg all the time, i keep waking up in pain from them, i have a rash on my belly, and sides its itchey , i have puss on my throat a sore ear , and it feels like some one took a base ball bat to my ribs. Whats wrong with me ? Now my one son has a sore throat , and the other has my same rash.

you have cramps in legs and foot take calcium rich foods and take calcium and vitamin Dsupplements you need complete detoxification take very light diet with plenty of liquids fruits and vegetables take anti biotics with antiinflammatory drugs for 3days 2times daily you have a viral infection it takes 7to 10 days tobe relieved ...

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hi ı am a smoker and just broke my 2 ribs is it a good idea to stop smoking or should I wait after I heal.

smoking weakens ur bone and decreases its ability to is good time to stop smoking ...

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I suffered sudden numbness in the left side of the body after i woke up on may 26 2016, doctors said acute stroke after mri and I am taking medicine regularly but my problem of left hand heavyness combined with left side below ribs heavyness/fullness continues... please suggest what to do next I have seen four doctors till now 2 neuro doctors, 1 internal medicine and 1 diebitology. Presently taking ecosprin, telsar, levipil, amlodac, gabapin,

Dear jalebi, stroke causes neurological damage and it is not possible to achieve100% recovery. Because the cells of centran nervous system do not regenerate. But with proper medication and physiotherapy, you will improve day by day. I hope your treatment is in right track. Continue following the advice of a neurologist. Thanks ...

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Hello dr. My wife is six month pregnant but suffering with pain in the Pelvic (Area between the ribs and legs), we conducted Ultrasound and result shows everything is safe inside but pain is still exist with periodic fever . Please help us on what to do. Thanks in advance

pregnancy normally too can lead to pain , but if fever is also there then should be properly investigated with blood tests and all , cause even smallest infection can be troublesome in pregnancy if fever continues for more days then infection should be ruled out ...

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