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Orthodontic braces and wires

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I have braces and there is a tiny bit of my gum that is resting on my front tooth! I tried pulling it with twissors but it really hurts. Will it fall off? What should I do? Thanks

Dear Patient, Do not try to pull or remove the extended gum tissue all by yourself because an innocuous looking thing may lead to complication. The gum tissue it appears may be due to irritation of the gum with ortho wire or brace. It wont fall by itself but can easily be removed after using an anaesthetic spray by a Dentist. Please revisit you dentist and avoid future complications like laceration and in long run, aesthetics ...

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I want to got for braces. Doctor advised to go for braces with tooth extraction and the duration is 18 months. Cant I go for 1 year braces

Braces treatment should be done with minimal forces on teeth so that there won't be any problems like bone loss or root resorption or mobile teeth or fenestration so please opt for longer duration braces treatment . ...

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dental braces cost in chennai

hello mam, thanks for your query orthodontic treatment cost is chennai in private clinic ranges from 25,000 to 40,000 and in dental college 16,000 to 20,000. thank you Dr.Rahul Banerjee ...

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how much does dental Invisible braces costs in navi mumbai?

Around **********INR. It depends on the complexity of the case. The amount mentioned strictly remains the cost of the treatment and other charges like x-rays,fillings,extractions are separate ...

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Is there any ESIC dental hospital where I can able to do my orthodontic dental treatment

I am not based in pune but will find out and give you the information soon madam ...

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how much will be dental braces for straitening cost in India

Metal braces - 16K, Ceramic Braces - 20K, Lingual Braces - 50K ...

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Can a fistula be associated with braces

no definetly it is caused due to other problems ...

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My mouth tastes like sewer in a part of my mouth even after I brush my teeth and I have braces if that helps why is this happening ?

Dear Patient With braces it takes quite an effort to keep the mouth clean. You are not able to keep meticulous hygiene. Visit a chemist/medical store and have ortho brushes, special brushes to clean the mouth with oral braces. At night after food and before sleep you have to brush and use hexidine or oral anti plaques mouth rinses. If they don't work then contact your Orthodontist. ...

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