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i am a 30 year old male before 01 month my skin was spotless, glowing and acne free but now there are pimples on my forehead, and pigmentation my deramtologist has suggested me to be on Isotroin-10 mg daily one tablet, nilac A GEL for pimples,Brevoxyly creamy face wash and Melacare HC during night time, Kojimed cream during day time & Shadowz 50 sunscreen will it help me and one i have a doubt whther Melacare HC can be used with Brevoxyl creamy wash as it contains Benzoyl peroxide, will be highly obliged if you reply as it has lost my confidence

Hi, As far as I know the two can be used together (melacare hc and brevoxyly cream face wash). It is just that you should not have any kind of allergy to brevoxyly cream face wash. First use only brevoxyly cream and if you have breathing difficulty,swelling of lips,face and throat,skin redness,burning,or dryness,then don't use it further but otherwise there should not be any worry. However it depends from person to person so it cannot be confirmed. Melacare cream should not be used for too lon ...

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i need an extraction but they cant do it if my blood sugar is high,i am on medication for my liver and steriod for my mouth i recently have developed ulcers in my mouth next my wisdom tooth and is very painfull ,

Dear Patient Blood sugar is also related to stress levels so please try to relax and add multi vitamins containing Folic acid along with hexidine or Betadine mouth washes initially 2 times a day 1/2 an hour for a minute after meals for five days and then at night only ...

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recently noticed brown spots around the groin area, not really itchy but they are like small scabs they usually wash off which confuses me.

Hi, Usually groin rashes can have a variety of causes,they can be fungal or yeast infection. With the history you gave me,they can be due to tight clothes. They should usually go by themselves but if they are repeatedly occurring or are accompanied by burning micturition then better to show to a dermatologist For now follow the following instructions 1) Wear loose cotton clothes 2) Keep area clean and dry 3) You should avoid unnecessary antibiotic or corticosteroid drugs 4) You can get your ...

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hi. am a dentist.i was 120 kgs before 5 years. currently am weighing 85kgs. and my height is 173 cms. i wash i need to be 70 kgs. but it seems it will take a longer time for me . may i know the approx cost of full body liposuction in coimbatore hospitals?

Hi, There are a number of procedures which you can do for liposuction and that will depend on the part of body where fat is more(tummy and trunk,outer breast,hips,thighs,outer arms) and the procedure which will be selected on how you can be given the best aesthtic looks. However liposuction is still recomended for morbidly obese or very fat people with complications and you seem to have lost most of your weight and now looking at your height your bmi seems to come under overweight and not obese ...

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My mouth tastes like sewer in a part of my mouth even after I brush my teeth and I have braces if that helps why is this happening ?

Dear Patient With braces it takes quite an effort to keep the mouth clean. You are not able to keep meticulous hygiene. Visit a chemist/medical store and have ortho brushes, special brushes to clean the mouth with oral braces. At night after food and before sleep you have to brush and use hexidine or oral anti plaques mouth rinses. If they don't work then contact your Orthodontist. ...

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I have inflammatory mouth, when in eat spicy food, my upper part of mouth associated with gums of teeth get burning sensation. For which doctor has precribed Topla-D tablet. Is it the correct one?

Hi, I would like to know more details. Since when are you having this?? does burning sensation comes only while eating spicy foods? Do you have any adverse habits related to gutkha usage etc? Did you notice any recent change in any of the oral products you use like toothpaste, mouthwash etc Or any change in kitchen spices? For inflammatory mouth ( as per your description), it could be mucosal disease ( like Oral Lichen Planus), or any allergic reaction to any of the products you use. Topla-D is ...

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