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Lately I've been waking up in the middle of the night with tingling numb hands, and thought that i must have just been sleeping on them. But now about once a day, one of my hand will start to feel numb and tingly. Also, I recently got a hemorrhoid so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Hi, If you tell me that you have numbness in night only then even I might have thought that but if you have numbness even in the day then there can be many causes but haemorrhoid and this disease should not be linked and they don't have anything in common. Do you have any pain in back ? Does colour change when you have numbness (do they change to blue) ? Do you have regular headache ? Otherwise whatever the complaint be - - Try avoid smoking - Try avoid caffeine - Keep your feet warm Fee ...

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Hello. I am 29 years old from Australia and currently am in Tokyo. I had protected sex with a hooker a few nights ago and a hand job from one last night. I am overweight and chafe a lot when walking a lot but I have noticed itchy red lines have developed behind my knees on both sides. Red rashes are between my legs (but is usual for my chafing). Please note I have been walking around all day long in jeans in cold/warm weather so I am not sure if red is inflammation or the start of an STD? Please advise if you think I need to return home immediately for tests or if I am overreacting ? Thank you

Hi, Please tell about your diabetic status. Rashes between your legs, at the back of your knees,in armpits are common, as the area is usually moist and allergic. Rash is common at such a location,and you already told me that chaffing is common to you then it can be because of that only. Looking at your condition that you are unable to wear loose clothes all day long. try and wear loose cotton clothes at some part of the day so that your body can be exposed to fresh air . Try to keep you geni ...

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I am writing this on behalf of my mother , she is 57 years old and recently he bones of feet are getting disfigured as well as she feel extreme pain in her hands. sometime even her left hand gets bend automatically with extreme pain. Please suggest treatment and care we need to take for her. Thank you

Hi, Usually disfigurement is seen in rheumatoid arthritis and not osteoarthritis and specially acute changes are seen only in rheumatoid arthritis and not osteoarthritis. Has she checked herself up for rheumatoid arthritis ? For treatment of osteoarthritis it is important to known about the cause but as such loosing weight and parfin wax to relive pain is common. Swelling could be due to some infection also. - Is she having some localized swelling or inflammation ? - Is her swelling at sa ...

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I have masturbated daily for last two month. I am bit afraid if it effects. My anus, penis, scrotum and hand palm is burning.Please advice me what should I do.

Hi, Regular masturbation is not good usually for psychological reasons,but it should not effect your anus or hand however you can have burning in your penis due to infection . You might be having uti,and burning in your anus can be due to acidity or excessive alcohol or high spicy diet. Drink a lot of water (2-3 litres) 1. Avoid masturbation for a few days 2. Avoid smoking 3. Avoid alcohol for a few days 4. Avoid highly spicy food or high glycemic index food(eating food from outside) 5. Are ...

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since 2 years of period suffering from joint pain in hand, knee joint , elbow, and every joint of body, swelling in joint

Hi I am Dr Alok, Rheumatologist from Delhi multiple joint pain and swelling, may be due to athritis, you need to see a trained rheumatologist as soon as possible to prevent joint demormity Unfortunately, there is no cure of spondyloarthropathy, but it is well treatable disease. You should see rheumatologist as soon as possible to avoid deformity Hope this will help should you have any queries, please donot hesitate ...

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Hi I am 19 years old me nd my bf nva had sex before bt today he inserted his penis tip in my vagina sm fluid was getting discharged from his penis he wiped it by his hand and after some time he inserted his finger in my vagina vit d same hand bt his finger was dry and der was no fluid or sperm on it can I get pregnant ???? I took d ipill nd I dint get ny of its side effects like vomiting abdominal pain etc is dis normal

Hi, Yes you can get pregnant by a very less amount of penile secretion also which many people don't even notice the secretions are so less.Even if penis is not fully inserted and only tip is there inside the vagina even then you can get pregnant and you did mention about some secretion coming out of penis which he cleaned in the end so you can't take a risk and it is good that you have taken an emergency contraceptive,i hope with in 72 hours. It is not necessary that if the drug had mentioned ...

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i have a muscular pain in my left hand :uper back portion} due to exercise for last 5 days , i had taken medicine mobizax for 3 days and feel better but still pain and feeling weaken in my left hand

If the pain is localised and is because of prolonged exercise ,then better is to let the muscle heal by themselves as they re sore. You can continue with analgesics local application and NO EXERCISE FOR 15 days ...

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