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I have taken practin and decadin tablets for one month,now i stopped it,but now am facing hair loss,does practin and decadin causes hairloss?

Hi, The problem is temproray but the time would depend upon many factors such as how brittle or thin were your hair previouly and what is your family tendency of hair loss. You can have tablet follihair once daily if hair loss is quite a bit,but i am not sure will it benefit or not since i have not exmined you. Never prescribe yourself steroids they have to be started and stopped with a paticular pattern ...

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Hi . I have hypothyroidism amd taking thyronorm 25mcg. I also was diagnosed with pcod last year but the gynaec adviced no treatment saying it sometimes happen temporarily. My periodsare currently normal n regural. but i am still suffering from hair loss..throigh internet research i have concluded that i have female.pattern hairloss.currently I am taking follihair and felol z tablets along with mintop lotion. at night. I am also using renocia . i am taking this since 2 weeks but hair are still falling. also the diameter of my hair have reduced.

Hi, Intially when you start taking treatment for hair loss it can result in incresed hair loss for a intial few days,this is not the point for worry but since you have started using minoxidil for hair growth it will have to be used till the time you need hair. People start using these drugs under anxiety, but should not have been used by you without consultation. I agree with your gynec for not giving you any treatment ...

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I am 18 years old, I suffer from nightfall from 3 months 5-6 times per month. Does it causes hairloss and other body problem like backpain,etc. How to stop it.

no it doesnot cause any problems Night fall is common in all people in ur age group U cannot stop night fall . Let me explain it to u u have a bucket and there is water filling in it from a tap the bucket can only fill upto its brim then it has to over flow that is what explains night fall so when the SAC IS FULL of sperms it overflows that causes night fall donot worry its normal ...

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Hi Dr. I have serious hairloss problem day by day.suggest some steroid to control me doctor plz...

Arogyam Pure Herbs Hair Care Kit will help you regrow your lost hair easily without any side-effects ...

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