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I wear dentures & my liabial frenum is swollen and hurts. My son had a mouth infections 2 months ago & our dentist gave him a prescriptions for metronidazole. I still have 12 left, can I take them

Denture fitting and occlusal balance should be checked to avoid trauma. Dentures must be adequately polished and glazed, as pores increase denture contamination by oral microorganisms Good oral hygiene is mandatory. The mouth must be kept as clean as possible and a thorough rinse after meals should be performed. • Local factors which promote growth of yeasts, such as smoking or wearing the dentures throughout the night, must be discouraged. Topical application of antiseptic is advisable ...

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Doctor my mother aged 63yrs have DVT. When scanned the report says following; 1- grey scale imaging shows enlarge diameter of Common Femoral Vein (CFV) & Superficial Fomoral Vein (SFV). 2- Color Doppler reveals non-fillilng of external lilac vein on the left side. Partial filling of colour is seen in the left CFV & SFV. The Popliteal vein does not show any colour filling. The Peroneal and Posterior Tibial veins are filling with the colour. Anterior tibial vein could not be identified on colour Doppler. 3- Doppler imaging shows mid respiratory plasticity in CFV. There is very poor Response to distal augmentation in the CFV. 4- Great Saphenous vein is Patent. IMPRESSION- Deep vein thrombosis in lower limb involving External lliac vein, CFV,SFV & Popliteal vein, and possibly Anterior Tibial Veins. There is partial recanalisation of CFV & SFV. Posterior Tibial and Peroneal veins are patent. Suggested clinical correlation. Scan copy added to the medical record in the profole. that the above is the report of the radiologist now what medicine you prescribe ,how to take and when to review the report? .whether the same will be cure or the patient should be in medicine for life long,what are the immediate risk?

Hi, The Doppler examination shows a thrombus in the deep veins with partial recanalization. This suggests that the thrombus is of a chronic nature. The Doppler can be repeated after one month of treatment to see residual thrombus. We do not provide any prescription. For this you have to visit an internal medicine specialist. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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Dear Doctor, Could you please tell me the maximum cost of removable dentures, both upper and lower. It is for my mother aged 76 years

hello mam, the cost may vary from **********. for removable dentures depending upon the case.thank you. ...

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