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is Laser treatment is possible for Fistula in ano ?

Yes it is - depending on the type and level of the fistula. Detailed examination by a Surgeon specialized in Colo-rectal surgery and competent in use of lasers can manage the problem. ...

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is laser treatment is better treatement on fistula ?

Hi, Laser treatment as far as i know has less post-op complications and less recurence after the surgery compared to other procedureds done in fistula surgery(like fistulectomy). But it is still less performed. ...

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Can a fistula be associated with braces

no definetly it is caused due to other problems ...

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Hi sir, I am suffering from Anal fistula. Can I go for laser surgery and what will be the cost of same in bangalore?

A anal fistula is difficult to treat and often recurres. Can not be predicted. There may be possibilities of partial-temporary or permanent incontinence ( loss of control of passing flatus or stool) Ksharsutra is definitely a far better choice. However Ksharsutra is a surgical method which is a part of Ayurveda and hence is not practiced by modern surgeons. To my knowledge there is no one in Philippines,Indonesia, British Columbia, Canada who does this procedure. It is widely practicin ...

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Dr. Puneet Madan

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