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My mother is 75 yrs old and she regularly complains of pain in her joints for the the last 3-4 years.she has normal blood pressure and is not diabetic.kindly advise any blood tests and medications for her ?

Dear patient Your mother is suffering from post - menopausal senile osteoporosis. her bones have become weak due to deficiency of calcium and vitamin D. this usually occurs in old age and after menopause.get the following investigations done: dexa bone scan , vitamin D level , blood calcium , complete haemogram and blood urea.Consult a orthopaedic surgeon who will advise you medications according to your test reports. ...

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Hi , My dad is 68 years old.He is diabetic and suffering from blood pessure. Also he has Sleep apnea issues..Offlate he is sleeping excessively, speaks while sleeping and also speaks assuming that a person is nearby (while the person is nt in the vicinity)..What can be the reason for the same?..A friend of mine asked me to check sodium levels..If that has to be tested , should that be done before fasting...

Hi, You told me that your father is having hallucinations(he sees what is not there actually),these are commonly seen due to hyperosmolar, hyperglycemic , nonketotic syndromes. The cause of hallucination is usually rapid rise in blood sugar.(the cause might be some exisiting infection in body). I have never heard of hallucination due to electrolyte imbalance,however you may get it checked as(electrolyte imbalance) definitely can cause confusion. Rest if he has very high blood sugar, dehydrat ...

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my husband has cellulitis that has reoccurred on his face, he was given strong antibiotics and now after about 2 months its back, NoW he has developed diabetic symptoms he also has swollen ankles, and sometimes hands, I dont know if the two are related, and his face is now numb, I dont know where to take him for treatment, because he also has a bad tooth that might have caused it. where do i go? ER? PCP? Dentist? HElp!!

Dear Patient, Please immediately check for diabetes, routine Blood and Urine at the start. This is to rule out Diabetes. Press your thumb on the swelling part at the ankles for a while and observe if the tissues regain their original shape immediately or return after sometime which indicates retention of water in the body. Please get a medical detailed profile for a proper diagnoses. This appears to be a systemic condition rather than dental who will take care of a bad tooth later ...

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my insulin fasting is 45.5,m i DIABETIC?WHT TO DO?

Hi, Your tests are on higher side,and you should be started with drugs for reducing cholesterol and triglycerides. Even your cholesterol/hdl ratio is very bad so you will have to be started with drugs for reducing all this. But first diet and lifestyle changes have to be made. Your tsh is also raised mildly and you might also be started with drugs for that too. Diet and lifestyle changes include: 1) Reduce your calorie intake 2) Limiting the amount of carbohydrate and unhealthy fat that you ...

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hyderabad based advertisement of Sanjivini claim cure of retinopathy. We are about to go for opreration pls advise

"Cure" for retinopathy is almost unheard of, especially if the vision is already severely affected. Grade of your retinopathy determines if only diabetes control is adequate or eye lasers or injections inside eyes, or a combination of both may be required. Finally, retina surgery may be required for grave consequences of advanced retinopathy. You shall get a second opinion before believing in any magic remedies. These are not scientifically proven. ...

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I would appreciate your advice on taking biotin 2500mcg, 3000 mcg or 5000 mcg, i am a diabetic.

Hi, Biotin is a vitamin complex and is useful for many purposes, mainy for hair fall purposes and loss of hair color and to maintain the texture of skin,however debatable but still is prescribed by most doctors. It can also be prescribed to diabetics for better control of sugar. Why has it been prescribed to you ? Now its usual requirement is not more than 500 mcg and if given at higher dosage is mostly removed through the body through urine unless there is any deficency of botin. Do you face a ...

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I am a diabetic and about 5 years ago I borke my ankle and had medal screws put in my bones because I broke the ankle so bad. I am feeling like the medal has slipped in my foot because of the neurophathy I can not feel the pain Is there any way this could heal without surgery again.

Diabetic patients have diabetic neuropathy which can be very disabling and chronic and there is no cure as such. i need more work up and clinical details to guide you including Xrays and details of surgery and whether frature has healed or not. I personally treat these patients with ESWT/RSWT with good results so far. drugs donot help. pl refer my webiste www.**url** and see case reports peripheral neuropathy. ...

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I have chapped lips real dry not rrsponding to ghee cold cream eben betnovate cream i am diabetic can you please help dont ask me to see a doc

Sounds like something called Cheilitis Exfoliatava. This is best treated by a dermatologist in person. If you cannot see one easily then you can try a skin repair cream like Avene Cicalfate morning and night and a lip balm such as Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Balm every 3-4 hours. Avoid licking your lips. Drink at least 2-3 Liters of water everyday and take Vitamin B complex on a daily basis for at least 6 weeks. Please note that the information I have provided is for general purposes only ...

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i have fasting sugar is 137& pp sugar is93 am i diabetic?

yes. Fasting sugar more than 125 is consider as diabetes. but i advice you to do HbA1c test which gives and average of blood sugars over last 3 months , it is more reliable & confirmatory. ...

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