Topics BCG (bacille Calmette-Guerin) vaccine
  Topics BCG (bacille Calmette-Guerin) vaccine

BCG (bacille Calmette-Guerin) vaccine

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Can cervical cancer vaccine be given in pregnancy?

No, cervical cancer vaccine is not safe in pregnancy.If a patient has received 1 dose of vaccine and is now pregnant, she can take the other 2 doses within a year of taking the 1st dose,that is after delivery. Also,cervical cancer vaccine is safe during breast feeding . ...

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i am taking the anti rabies vaccine due to bitten by 8 week old puppy . i have already taken 3rd does of the anti rabies vaccine ,today while playing with my dog i again get a cut. so what should i do?

Hi, The injections vaxirab you have taken is not a ARS .It is a vaccine and these are two different thing. Usually ARS is given at the site of dog bite where the dog has bitten you. if you have had bleeding from the place where dog has bitten you then yo may go for ARS (it is a serum,not vaccine) available at many government hospitals in India. ARS is a single dose and multiple doses are not needed. ...

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I need to get the Yellow Fever Vaccine as I am travelling to Uganda after 15/07/2013.. Please tell me where can I get this in Bangalore along with the valid certification which is issued by WHO

Hi, I am not sure if the vaccine is going so out of the stock,but otherwise there should not be problems in getting vaccine. I have no idea about banglore on this vaccine,you can visit big corporate private hospitals like apollo or max or fortis. Certification can be given by any m.b.b.s doctor also(so you can also visit any private clinic to,many a times smaller hospital or nursing homes might be having the stock) that you have taken a vaccine,if they have giving you . ...

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is it bad to smoke weed after getting anti tetanus and anti rabies vaccine

Smoking is always bad amiel. There is nothing special, to be related with vaccine. Smoking will kill you gradually. Try to avoid it. Thanks ...

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