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  My follicular study on day 14

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My follicular study on day 14 is EM-10mm,ro-17x17,lo-20x20.will iui on day 16 get succeeded

PAST HISTORY : Got Clomid 50mg from day 3-7

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Hi, i have been prescribed bigomet sr-500 and folimax-12 and i am taking these medicine from last 10 days, will these medicine help in increasing the follicular size and help in conceiving child?

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Have u been diagnosed with PCOS? ...
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Hello Doc I am diagnosed for PCOS ,TTC with siphene 100mg. On the 13th day of my periods the follicular study shows Right 8.3X8mm ,left 9.9X7.2 mm, i was not convinced with the scan report due to some reasons which i faced during my previous scan ,so went for another ultrasound scan from another hospital on the 14th day of my periods. The folicular size on 14th day shows Right :10.6x7.6mm and Left 14.9X9.4mm My question here is how can the follicules in a day grow from 9.9x7.2mm to 14.9X9.4 mm? and are there any chances for me to concieve this time with follicules 14.9x9.4 mm on the 14th day by an HCG shot at the right time ? and taking ultrasound scans many times is of any harm ????

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Hi, Ideally if some one has a regular cycle(periods) the follicle should be mature and ready to rupture on thirteenth day,size of a mature follicle is around 20-21mm when it ruptures. It depends why metformin is given to you if the only cause is pcod and is just given for this then it would be stopped after you conceive,but if you have type 2 diabetes(insulin resistance) along with pcod then it would be continued life long. Many people achieve periods after they have their first baby. ...
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Is 10mm kidney stone curable with homeopathic medicine?

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yes . It is curable. ...
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Hi, I am 28years old and married 4years ago. I am trying to concieve. I am having PCOS and lil high prolactin. I have done the follicle study 3times and all the 3times egg was released but no success in getting preg. This time too my doctr gave me initial 5days siphine 100mg tablets and did scanning till 14th day however i was having multiple small follicles. Doctor told me this time chances for releasing egg is less however i will get my period on time. Now it is 40th day and i have done home preg test but negative. Usually whenever i have taken 5days siphine 100mg tablets i used to get my periods on 28 to 30days. What is the reason for delay in getting my period this time? Will there be chances for preg ?

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Hi!! If your pregnancy test is negative( home kit),then you should still get a blood test to rule out pregnancy.This is called a serum beta hcg test and can be done in any routien laboratory any time of the day.This test if value less tahne 5 will confirm that there is no pregnancy. Your period can also be delayed due to PCOD, like you said that the doctor said that the eggs were not ruptured in this cycle.If the pregnancy beta hcg test is negative ,take withdrawal medication of meprate and star ...
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accidentally I consumed 20 tablets of thyronorm of 50mg, What could be possible effect of this?

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Hi, You should have directly visited a hospital emergency and got your stomach washed so that drug could have been removed. Now its to late the drug would be absorbed partly and and would have gone ahead of stomach so no use. You can face symptoms like anxiety,chest pain, pounding heartbeat, tremor, shortness of breath, leg cramps, confusion, vomiting, diarrhea, or seizures. If you face any of these you should visit an emergency,however they would have come by now but still get a tsh done cause ...
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