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  Is it safe to take vizylac,nov

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Is it safe to take vizylac,novamox 500 and brufan 400 for severe dental abscess,as my dentist has prescribed

PAST HISTORY : 6 month pregnant

4 Answers

Yes it is safe. Ibuprofen (Brufan 400) is mainly the drug of choice in dental abscess. Vizylac is a B complex vitamin whereas novamox is a penicllin which will act against your infection.

Since you have mentioned as 6 Month pregnancy, I would not advice taking Brufan (since it contains ibuprofen)
Better take plain paracetamol ( Dolo-650).
Regarding antibiotics, if its severe dental abscess, then novamox would not provide best results. You have to include others also like metrogyl ( Flagyl-400). also instead of plain novamox, you should take combi of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid( Augmentin). depending on severity of infection

In my opinion,if the Dental abscess is palpable ie frank pus, then rather depending on various antibiotics it is better to simply puncture the abscess under local anaesthesia and remove the pus under anti-biotic cover for a day prior to removal and two days after.

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