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  Control Over Masturbation Addi

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Control Over Masturbation Addiction i had tried many times but i failed is any way or drug which could get control it please help me i really want to stop it .......

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There are no drugs to control masturbation or anything it is just a matter of self control.
Try out the following steps
1) Try and keep your self busy,may be in any work at home ,outside,sports be it anything that will divert your mind
2) Try not looking at porn at all and try deleting it out from every place like mobile and tablets,this is very important
3) Try joining a gym or continuing with gym or may be do some aerobic exercises
4) Try out yoga
5) If masturbation occurs at a paticular time as if night then you can make sure that you don't go for a bath or bed before you are to tired and you can use night clothes which are a little to tedious to take off
6) Try not touching your private parts at all times of day
7) You can try reading novels or some books which increases your knowledgeable
8) You can try punishing your self
The more time you feel lonely the more it will urge you to masturbate,so try not to be alone or empty(without work ),you read book or do anything all this will help you.

Remember urges have to be stopped,they will always tempt you. It is you who will have to try and come out of these things and it just a matter of a little determination and keeping your self busy

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