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i got sonography test which shows lever size enlarged by 3.3cm. later blood test for LFT showed Sl. No TEST RESULT NORMAL VALUE 01 G.G.T.P. 21.13 IU/L 08-37 IU/L 02 S.BILIRUBIN TOTAL 0.92 mg/dl 0-1.2 mg/dl 03 S.BILIRUBIN DIRECT 0.43 mg/dl 0-0.3 mg/dl 04 S.BILIRUBIN INDIRECT 0.49 mg/dl 0-0.9 mg/dl 05 S.G.O.T. 51.51 U/L 08-40 U/L 06 S.G.P.T. 94.11 U/L 05-35 U/L 07 S.ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 355.1 IU/L 98-279 IU/L test no 3,5,6and 7 are showing increased valuess........any best solution to control them

Hi, Most probably you are suffering from fatty liver changes. Discontinuing drinking alcohol or cutting way back potentially can allow your liver to return to normal but it will take atleast 4 weeks. However , many people who suffer from enlarged liver don't drink too much, and need to look for diet low in what's called high glycaemic index.You should focus your diets around fresh, preferably raw fruits and vegetables, along with home made juices, and to purge your diets of all simple carboh ...

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My wife had a Preterm Premature Rapture Of Membrane three days before. She is in 17th week of her pregnancy.Doctors r saying the rapture is too big tobe heeled naturally. Babys sonography report is normal. Heart beat rate is 173. Dr is suggesting abortion but we r not convinced plz help.

Hi!! yes your doctor has rightly advised you an abortion due to rupture of membranes.If the membranes around the baby burst ,then chances of infection to the mother and baby are very high.Since the baby has not reached the period of viability,it is not possible for the baby to survive,also infection has already set in as babys heartbeat is high.This is termed as tachycardia and is one of the first signs of fetal infection.This needs immediate intervention to terminate the pregnancy and can be do ...

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Dear Doctor, I am 38years old. I have 1 son who is 14 years of age, and one is 9 years of age. I was having a little bit of bleeding after my periods. On going to my local Gynec., I was told to do a sonography, where they havefound fibroids in the endometrium anteriorly approximately 6cm x 6cm x 6cm. I would like to know if I would be needing to go through a operation or if I can be cured by medication only. Please advise. Best Regards,

Hi!! In your case if the symptoms are not severe you can try medical management in the form of drugs like oral contraceptive pills or other hormonal preparations which can be used to decrease the size of the fibroid.But the drawback of medical management is that the fibroids regrow back once the treatment is stopped.So one has to be prepared to take medication for a long time. Surgery is an option your gynaecologist will suggest if the fibroid is causing troublesome bleeding .He/she can recommen ...

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simple hepatic cyst in right lobe of liver; and concretion in right kidney lower pole in my moter sonography what meanig that

Liver cysts (also called hepatic cysts) are fluid-filled sacs that occur in the liver of roughly 5% of the population. They are usually asymptomatic and often discovered by chance during an abdominal imaging procedure, like computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). They are NOT cancer and if on follow up size is NOT increasing nothing may be needed to be done except may be annual follow up by USG . If increasing needs special attention but no surgery or other medications are ...

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