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i did NOT feel completely cleaned out even after taking all that laxative stuff for the test. It still felt like something stuck in my rectum. Like some kind of impaction or something that cant be pushed out for nothing!!!!!!! I'm really at my wits end with this and have tried so many things to get rid of this problem to no avail! My stomach is always bloated/hurting because I can never fully empty my bowels. also my anus come out... why my anus come out..???

Hi, you intially mentioned that some thing coming out of anus so i thought that there is some part of body may be skin tag or some thing coming out of anus so i told your at least per rectal examination becomes very necessary may be with ct-scan abdomen. What comes out of anus any skin tag or any discharge please tell clearly ? There are many people with resistant constipation so and they take years for improving it. Although we can get endoscopy to look if there is any gastric ulcer Rest have ...

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hi I just delivered on 8/06/2013 n was blessed by a baby stiches have been dissolved but there is still sensitivity and also some times itchy I was given silverex ionic 2% gel silver nitrate can I still continue putting that any side effects also I had got constipated after 2 weeks after my delivery n because of the force that was put I have got cuts in my rectum because of which its difficult for to sit stand and even sleep at times.its been more then a week now.can u please sub crib something for the cut and pain I'm breast feeding also now I get motions properly but after that I get lots of pain. please help

Hi, Yes that is why i prescribed you with syrup lactulose so that you pass a litlle soft stools and if there is any fissure in rectum that gets time to heal up and yes that syrup is fine when you are lactating. But that should be taken for not more than seven days and also you should take high fiber rich diet. You can also be prescribed for local anaesthetic gel for local application around rectum area if the pain is so much but the syrup i prescribed should be more than enough. ...

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