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Antibiotics are not working out for CNBP. Can i go for prostate massage?. where i can find relief treatment in Bangalore?.

Hi, You can visit any superspeciality hospital or clinic in bamglore to a urologist for prostatic masage. As such i am unware about banglore,bt i am sure there must be many urologists in your area as well,otherwise you can visit apollo hospital where i am sure there will be a solution to your every problem. ...

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I have erectile dysfunction problem with my penis, at the time of intercourse with my women,I'm got ejaculated after a minute. - Foreplay done for 10-20min and 5min of sucking. Does normal olive oil ( used in food) massage increase the strength and size of penis?

For Erectile Dysfunction: Have good sleep, do exercise & yoga daily for 1 hour. Take hot milk 1 glass morning & evening. Avoid spicy. Chilli.nd fried food Take CP SHILAJIT tb. Manmath ras. Nd tb. Sidh makardhwaj bati. One each morning & evening for 3 months. Wd hot milk. See d results or otherwise consult a sexologist personally. For penis size: There is no medi (tab, cap, powder,oil,pumps,rings) in the world could increase length & girth (motai) of penis. Even if spend ...

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Dear sir/madam, I'm suffering from severe pain in my anus.there is some flash which is coming out from my anus and it bleeds during bowl movement and pain remains for six to seven hours after each bowl movement. I have applied all kind of home remedies which includes sitz bath,aloe Vera massage,and some homeopathic medicines I have taken like rathania and nitric acid but still there is no's been almost three years I'm suffering from this problem. Last week I visited a surgeon and he suggested for operations..please tell me if there is any way it can get cured by. Please help me. I'm 24 year old female. Weight- 79 kg Height - 5'2 inches

may its because of Piles, also known as haemorrhoids. rathania is correct homeopathy medicine,and you can continues it, try to loos weight (around 62 to 64 is ok ) other thing is you will get 30% to 40% benefit from home remedies, that is also you can continues, but right now i can't suggest more medication. if you are in hyderabad location, please at our clinic and get free of cost advise and discussion on your problem, than you can go for next medication, ...

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Hi doc my last period was 1month ago. And I may be thinking if I am pregnant I took 1 bottle of shoktong but still no sign of my period. But my vomitting stops and no signs of pregnancy anymore after I got some massage from an old lady. What should I do?

Dear Kylie, I am sorry but I won’t be able To Help you inducing abortion. This is against my belief and conscience. Moreover, you know very well that inducing abortion is illegal in our country. Please do take care of your pregnancy just in case you are pregnant. If ever you won’t be able to give a future for your child consdier giving him/her up for adoption. ...

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Dr. Puneet Madan

  • General Physician
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  1424 Doc Points

Dr. Ezhil Selvan

  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  •  Chennai, India
  •  200 Doc Points

Dr. mudhian nadar raajasheelan

  • Holistic Medicine
  •  Chennai, India
  •  101 Doc Points

Dr. Shaukat Panjawani

  • Pediatrician
  •  Vapi, India
  •  214 Doc Points

Dr. Aneela Chaudhri

  • Hypnotherapist
  •  London, United Kingdom
  •  204 Doc Points

Dr. A. Kumar

  • Sexologist
  •  Mumbai, India
  •  156 Doc Points

Dr. sandhya r

  • Homeopathist
  •  Hyderabad, India
  •  108 Doc Points

Dr. Christine Marie Rubio

  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist
  •  Parañaque, Philippines
  •  577 Doc Points

Dr. Vijay Abbot

  • Sexologist
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  181 Doc Points

Dr. Poonam Counselling Psychologist

  • Psychologist
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  137 Doc Points


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