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hi my mother in law is 48 years old she is suffering from stone size of 9.5mm gallbladder stone,here ultra sound scan reports says hypoplastic kidney,please tell me is a dangerous situation,tell me within in how many days.We should address this issue????

Hi, 9.5 mm gall stone it's a pretty big gall stone. The indications for removing stone are - any stone size which are causing distressing symptoms to patient or any single stone which is more than 1cm or 10 mm. and your mother in laws' gall stone is nearing the same size. You did not tell whether she is having any symptoms or not. If yes then she should be operated at first hand whenever you have time else you can wait for a few days also. Gall stones are usually not an emergency as the pai ...

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liver shows small calcification in right lobe and kidney shows calculus 1.1x.4 cm right 9.7 left 9.3 cm in size also small urine is remained in bladder report of ultrasonography what ur suggestion operation needed or by medication it can be cured.

Hi, Liver calcification is usually nothing serious and can be due to necrosis because of drugs ,because of old infection or injury and can also be sign of excessive alcohol intake,you may be advised for a ct scan depending on your other examination findings. Now for your kidney stone, I hope the size you mentioned is in mm and not cm and i would recommend any stone larger than 7mm to be removed surgically. Kindly mention the location of stone and whether there are any other findings like hydron ...

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I have done ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis and the report i got is LIVER,GALL BLADDER, PANCREAS, SPLEEN and UNRIARY BLADDR is normal. But KIDNEY : Right kidney : 70*32mm Left kidney : 79*35mm Both kidneys are decreased in size. Renal parenchymal echo texture increased in bilateral kidneys. Cortical indentations noted in bilateral kidneys. No calculi or hydronephrosis in either kidney. PROSTATE :: Size : 37*30*35mm (Volume-20 cc) Increased in size. Median lobe of prostate is enlarged. Can u tell me is it very serious now or in future ?

Hi, Yes the report shows that your kidney size is reduced significantly and you need to get many tests before i can make any comment although rest all other things mentioned in the ultrasound are normal. But you will have to get your urine report like urine routine and microcscopy,kidney function test,glomerular filtration rate. Then depending on these test reports we will have to see whether they are enough or we might have to investigate you more. This might be ok or might have to be investi ...

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lt. kidney mild fullness of pcs means whats? what its degeours . other is in my left kidney stent , now what can do any suggetion

Hi, From the details you have provided, it looks like you have a stent in left kidney and ultrasound shows mild fullness in PCS of left kidney. Mild fullness of PCS (pelvi-calyceal system), is common when there is a stent inside kidney. This occurs because urine can go up and down the kidney in the presence of a stent (Normally urine does not go backwards up into the kidney). Could you please inform the reason stent placement in your left kidney? Please provide details like your age, sex, assoc ...

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Is urikind-KM helpful for kidney stone. I've 3 kidney stones. Yesterday night I had a very unbearable pain in my lower back right side. Than doctor give me these sachets. I wants to know how they works.

The stone will come out with medicines or not will depend on the size, position, functioning of the kidneys etc etc. Ideally, you need to come to the clinic for consultation and proper evaluation after taking a prior appointment. You may call on ********** and ********** for an appointment. ...

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Hi my father has (rasoli)/(tumor) in his kidney, doctors say his kidney has to be removed .. but why ? Can't the rasoli be removed without removing kidney ? If so by what methods ? Thank you..

The decision to remove the tumour , partial kidney or full kidney will depend on many factors like size, location etc etc. Ideally, you need to come to the clinic for consultation and proper evaluation after taking a prior appointment. You may call on ********** and ********** for an appointment. ...

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