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in jan end there was unprotected sex on 03 april i felt burning sensation on my penis ,on 04 april i was diagnosed for uti by surgeon as there was 1-2 pus cell in my urine and prescribed with antibiotic for a week. it did not give me relief i refered to a urologist and told him everything, he has diagnosed me for prostattitus after physical examination and my semen culture showed no growth,but pus cells 4-6hpf the urologist said there is no STI . he has prescribed me the foll doxy 100mg twice daily for 15 days lenoflox 500 once daily for 4 weeks t.alfoo 10mg one daily for 3 months it has been 15 days since i am having the med but the burning sensation comes often on the right bottom of the head of my penis with no other symptom .what can be the possible reason there is no discharge/rashes on my genitals only this burning sensation pl tell me if i need to show to some other urologist or is it that i have an std which the urologist could not diagnose if so then whom should i consult and what all test of std should i conduct .the urologist has said that i do not require any STD test as i have simple prostatits but the fear of std is troubling me or do i need to consult a pshycatrist pl help

Hi, The medicines you are having are fine and have to be taken for 15 more days and you may feel further better. I might have liked to give some other medicines,but then the doctor might have noticed something on your examination to give you this medicine. You can get tested for hiv for safety sake and your concern. Is there any smell in urine ? prostatitis is difficult to comment without examining you.But it may be possible that you are having acute bacterial prostatitis and treatment for acut ...

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i need expert advice to treat piles. i had used doxy 1 LDR forte earlier & it was cured but now i again it happened & same medicene is not helping as i have already used 40 capsules. Please advice

Hi, The medicines will recommend on the cause of disease,if the cause is constipation then having high fiber diet(papaya,banana,vegetables withh more leaves),plenty of water,milk diet once in a while,less spicy food,avoid alcohol,or smoking. Having Sitz bath once in a while is beneficial. Laxatives can be prescribed to you oryou can have them on sos basis. You will be ambulatory on 2nd day of surgery however the wound may take another week more to completely heal and surgery is yes the permane ...

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