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Hi, Did your child have blood transfusion,the reports are suggestive that she is suffering from thallasemia and plus combination of iron as well as folic acid deficency anemia and she must be requiring regular transfusions for thallasemia. There are thallsemia societies in every city and which help in donation and transfusions and she would also require iron therapy as she also has iron deficency anemia and she might fall ill regularly because of anemia as herr immunity may remain a little low. ...

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My partners 29 and coughing and pooing blood, and answers what it could be please ?

Hey madam, it can be anything ranging from ulcerative collitis to diverticulitis, i need more history and some tests to guide you accordingly. ...

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My one year old keeps coughing with a dry cough! I tried giving him his breathing treatment twice , but he is still coughing! His doctor prescribed him some Zyrtec and said he has a allergy . Any ideas of what you think this May be. !

It can be anything, ranging for upper respiratory tract infection,allergy, asthma to other disorders. Try getting him checked from a pulmonologist as asthma in this age can anticipate like that. ...

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hi dr.madan, ive been suffering for a very itchy throat and cough for about a month now. Ive been taking antibiotics cough medicine and antibacterial medicine for almost 3days now, but seems lyk it doesnt help me at all. Im so stressed and my back and chest aches alot due to severe coughing. I hope you can help me regarding my condition. Thank you very much.

Hi dren, can you please tell me the name of the drugs you are taking? Usually this kind of respiratory tract infections may last upto 1 week. If you suffer from severe cough, you can try nebulization with salbutamol+ipratropium solutions. Along with these cough suppressant and anit histamine is required. Go to a medicine specialist and get the prescription. Thanks ...

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My Lungs keep seizing after coughing to the point were i cannot breathe

its probably asthma. you should immediately consult your chest physian. ...

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