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what can cause hcg level to rise apart from pregnancy? i have missed period for only 2 days. Because of my curiosity, i brought two home pregnancy test kits and checked. when i checked for first time with I-CAN kit, i got faint pink line. I was happy that i was pregnant. The very next day, when i checked with APOLLO kit for confirmation, i got nothing. Im really in the state of confusion. Am i really pregnant or what?

Hi, Just wait for a few days, do it on seventh day of missing your periods,although some test kits are very good and they even would tell or give positive result on second day of you missing your periods,but still you can wait for a few more days to get confirmatory results. Do it on 7th day. Other causes of raised hcg are usually not so common. ...

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My self jasim...I'm getting heavy stress and full confusion will going to do any work nd getting stress on my brain...i will ready to di work nd i will prepare to do but atlast moment i will get stress nd finally I can't get interest to do...

Mr Jasim stress is an integral part of the life. and stress up to our coping is good. it makes us productive. related to your query, it seems that u lose confidence or concentration due to your poor stress coping. meet some good psychiatrist at your home town, get yourself evaluated,find the biological/psychological factor influencing your coping, get treated and Bingo-you are fine!! :) ...

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