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CT SCAN REPORT: ** Bilateral Panacina and Para septal bullous emphysema. ** Mild basal subpleural intertitial thickening with few small reative mediastinal nodes suggesting chronic interstitial pneumonia.

Hi, The report of ct-scan does not suggest that he is serious,although he can be serious with the same report and he might be he might be doing well with the same report and there are multiple things i(doctor) have to see before i can comment over some one's life.Overall emphysema is a long term illness and would not reverse but i have seen patients with emphysema live a very long life with drugs which they require for their respiratory disease.You just have to take care about his respiratory ...

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my stool test showed a few amount of pus cell present and mucous is also contained in it, i have chronic diarrhoea for last 5 months

Hi, If you have chronic diaroohea then it is important to get it further tested like to get done and endoscopy to know about the cause of chronic diarrhoea as if it is not controlled then it is quite possible that your psoriasis flares up. You can also get tests like stool culture and blood tests like cbc and esr done. ...

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I was diagnose having Bilateral chronic renal parenchymal Disease Grade 1. How this diseae can be treated?

That is a radiological finding. Usually seen as a part of some acute medical illnesses. get your renal functions checked. ...

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I am 65 w/blood pressure of 151/66 and pulse of 89. Are those normal readings I do have chronic bronchitis and lately my feet and legs have been swelling quite a bit and I have been extremely short of breath. I was on bp med Lisinopril but had to change because of chronic cough (which did subside after stopping med) I am now on amlodipine besylate 5 mg and I take thyroid levothyroxine 1.3 mcc and furosemide of 40 mg.

You may be going in for a conditon called "cor-pulmonale" due to your chronic bronchitis,which results in shortness of breath,lower limb swelling. Your blood pressure of 151/66 is slightly high, with a wide pulse pressure,indicative of early mild heart failure.Though your cough came down after stopping lisinopril,amlodipine can contribute to your legs swelling! Of course your furosemide will reduce your swelling. Restrict your fluid intake to less than 1 litre/day, go for a low salt diet.Use inh ...

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