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i am whaeatish in complexion but with continous sun exposure i am tanned a lot on my face, arms, back ,neck..i dint care for 10 years but now i realize i look very dark and also my chin and forehead is darker than the rest of my face.what to I do, will chemical peel work for me. Is it harmful

Hello, No Chemical Peels are not harmful if done by a Dermatologist. Peels are also being done by untrained people and these can be harmful, e.g in beauty parlours, and these are not recommended. Peels can produce a marked improvement in skin pigmentation and tanning. There are various types of peels and it usually takes 4-6 sessions to see a noticeable improvement. Sessions are done at 2-3 weekly intervals. Along with peeling other measures like sun protection are a must. A Dermatologist wil ...

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Hai Doctor, I have taken Salicylic peel 6 sections , for acne after that Dr prescribed Hyclean TF cream for dark spots , 3 times in a week. After 2 weeks i felt my skin is getting dark. Is it because of this cream?. After the peel my skin colour were improved.

Hi Archana, No the cream does not cause skin darkening. Your skin probably requires maintenance peels for continued benefit along with strict sun protection. To this end I would recommend taking a skin lightening peel like SM peel or Glycolic Peel once a month for 6 months along with an SPF 50+, UVA +++ or higher sunscreen (e.g Melagard SPF 50, Rivela SPF 50) used 2-3 times a day. Hyclean TF does not provide enoough sun protection to prevent re-darkening. Also ask your doctor for a night cream ...

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I have severe acne problem from past few years.. I did take treatments from various doctors, Kaya skin clinic etc.. Acne has never stopped but resulted in more acne, scars as well open pores.. Now I see more pimples in my jaw area as well increase in scars..i have tried glycolic peel, skin polishing as well laser treatment in d past for acne.. Please suggest a good doctor in bangalore who can help me.

Hi, your complaint is u have persistent acne inspite of treatment. Also it is causing scars. What treatment have u undergone so far. U also have hypothyroidism, is it under control. How about your weight and periods? Any dandruff. If acne is not responding to regular treatment hormonal cause may be there. As far as scars it is best to treat acne and prevent scars ...

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Sir i've vry oily n acne prone skin and as i've vry fair complexion brown pigmentation on face has occured inspite of sunscreen application.I've undergone photofacial n chemical peeling but my pigmentation has increased. plz prescribe me treatment for hyperpigmentation n gel based sunscreen for super oily skin (hv used la shield, ansolar, rivela n so many sunscreens but all make skin vry oily). Plz suggest me good facewash n medicated serum nd night cream for my oily acne skin and for skin rejuvenation. Thanks

Dear Sheenu,with oily and acne prone skin, you should be using a face wash containing salicylic acid in it at least twice a day. For a sunscreen, look for gel based applications like Suncote gel, sunprotek or Zscreen that will protect you while not making your skin greasy. Make sure you apply a large amount (at least 2 tablespoons) whether you are indoors or outdoors at least twice a day. For hyperpigmentation, you should consider lasers like Renew Plus or Renew for skin toning that will gent ...

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Dr. Ritu Sethi

  • Gynecologist
  •  Gurgaon, India
  •  1082 Doc Points

Dr. Vivek Nair

  • Dermatologist
  •  Gurgaon, India
  •  838 Doc Points

Dr. madhuri anantwar

  • Dermatologist
  •  Nagpur, India
  •  814 Doc Points

Dr. Kiran Lohia

  • Dermatologist
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  565 Doc Points

Dr. Sanjay Pandey

  • Homeopathist
  •  Kolkata, India
  •  250 Doc Points

Dr. abdul samad

  • Dermatologist
  •  Bangalore, India
  •  216 Doc Points

Dr. Sucharita Pal Chowdhury

  • Family Medicine
  •  Kolkata, India
  •  531 Doc Points

Dr. Dharmendra kumar

  • Dermatologist
  •  Bokaro Steel City, India
  •  103 Doc Points

Dr. vijaya bhaskar

  • Diabetologist
  •  Hyderabad, India
  •  100 Doc Points

Dr. Skin Alive

  • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon
  •  Mumbai, India

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