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Please confirm is this possible to 100% secure medication is available in India/Delhi? and also confirm how to days required to 100% cure? Also confirm the total cost of medication if patient having aplastic animia?

Hi, there is nothing 100 % in medical,but yes there is good treatment available in delhi/india for aplastic anemia. However there are a variety of treatment options available 1) Blood transfusion 2) Medicines to stimulate bone marrow like erythropoietin and colony-stimulating factors but these have their own risks 3)Medicine to suppress immune system,Three medicines—often given together—can suppress the body's immune system. They are antithymocyte globulin (ATG), cyclosporine, a ...

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Any Ayurvedic Medicians For Aplastic Anemia

Hi Yes there are medications for Aplastic anemia. ...

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Given my medical history of Hypertension, anemia, and borderline diabetes, is it good to have a tbsp of sharkeferol tonic every night?

Hi, Unless you have micronutient deficiencies only then you can take them daily otherwise you should avoid to take them daily. For anemeia you take iron in syrup or tablet form. ...

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Does masturbation cause anemia I have symptoms of anemia I feel fatigue I have puffy face suddenly my legs are feeling week so are my hands

Dear Patient, Develop some good habits. Be careful !! these bad practice may cause harm of your life. Let ejaculate naturally. Practice Yoga and Meditation which may help you to fulfill your healthy life. Regards - Dr. Dutta ...

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