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Respected Dr. The following are the brief details of my case for your kind consideration:- 1. History of High Myopia since the age of 12 years. 2. Suffered Retina Detachment in the right eye at the age of 25 years and was operated upon at Shankar Netralaya, Chennai but with little gain of vision. 3. Continued with the help of contact lens in the left eye and almost stable number for the next 11 years. 4. Sudden appearance of rainbow like colours in the Left eye and the case was diagnosed as Advanced Optic Nerve Atrophy & Retinal Degeneration at PGI, Chandigarh & I was told that the condition is irreversible with no cure or medication. 5. I was put on eye drop medication with Dorzox, Combigan , Alphagen & am continuing with the same. 6. I was advised IOL transplant in the left eye and underwent surgery for the same at Grewal Eye Institute, Chandigarh. 7. During the last 4 ½ years i.e. since the problem was diagnosed, I have underwent regular treatment under Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurvedic & Homeopathy medicines but with no relief and the deterioration in the field of vision and also its aquity has continued. 8. The latest checkup has shown that even the remaining macular vision in the Left Eye also shows signs of further degeneration. Kindly suggest some remedy for my sister's ailment. Pravin Misra

The condition is called Pathological Myopia and she is having all the complications of this condition. only thing a doctor can do is to treat and try to prevent from the further detoriation and treat the complications of the condition.You can only do is regular follow up to the doctor. There is no curative treatment of this condition. ...

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I want to know the cost of Laparoscopic surgery in india.

hi, laproscopic surgery is a method of treatment. Please specify what surgery you need so we can get back to you with details. ...

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I underwent a string of surgeries (ENT) after that i am taking lizolid, meropenum, voraconidazole. im having acidity and constipation with very hard stool inspite of fluid intakes, if i take pantocid then the stomach movement becomes sluggish and this problem worsens. is there a better alternative to pantocid or any other solution also since im taking heavy antibiotics should i take enterogermina ?

Hi, Till the time you are on heavy antibiotics you can take a drug which will help reduce acidity , if pantocid does not suit your need then you can take omeprazole or rabeprazole or even tab ranitidine suits some people . First you should try tab ranitidine 150mg twice daily empty stomach . For constipation high water intake is one , but also you should take high fiber diet like have plenty of salads and fruits like papaya which will help you with your bloating sensation and specially you will ...

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Hello doc..i am 24yr old & i have an mesially impacted 3rd molar which is hitting my 2nd molar..i am really worried as it may cause resorption of my 2nd had advised an extraction of it..but i am scared of surgeries..i want sum tym 2 calm myself..will it cause destruction fast if i wait for atleast 6 months?or if it destroys my 2nd molar tooth,will there be any other option than extraction of my 2nd molar??plzz give me a suggestion

Hi Judging by the terms used by you to describe the problem it seems that either you are related to the medical field or done enough research on the net . Having said that ,you know it's a problem and has to be done always the earlier the better .As you do not have any symptoms now can plan and schedule it appropriately .Later it may become an emergency and may trouble you when you least expect it or are busy with something really important . Don't wait too long ...get it done . ...

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Hi There, My daughter is 4 months and 7 days old and we are giving her bottle feed as she's not getting enough Brest milk from her mother. In this case we are feeding her Cow & Gate 1 formula regularly. My Question is -Which one is the best you suggest? Lactogen or Cow & Gate for the babies 0 to 6 months old? Also which one will help to gain babies weight? Thanks in advanced.

Hello axel. Mother milk is nectar for the babies as it had nutrition and antibodies and growth factor. But in cases like u we have very safe herbal breast milk enhancers. Medicine don't have side effects also. .I prefer lactogen for babies. If u want natural breast milk enhancer then u can call me or what's app me on this number : nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. Breast ...

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