What can make the birth contro
  What can make the birth contro

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What can make the birth control implant "Nexplanon" ineffective?

PAST HISTORY : C-section birth on 8/30/2013. Had birth control implant "Nexplanon" placed in arm on 10/9/2013

1 Answers

Unless u remove it, it wont be ineffective

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I plan to wisdom tooth and dental implant at the same time in about a week. I'm taking Metoprolol SUCC - 25mg/day and Warfarin Sodium ~ 4mg/day. My cardiologist advises me to stop Warfarin three days before the procedures. What about Metoprolol SUCC?

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Hello Continue Metoprolol ...
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I m having tooth ache can I take combiflam as I had an c section delivery on 27 dec 2012

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Yes, for temporary symptomatic relief only. Toothaches are best taken care of by the Dentists so visit one immediately ...
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my wife is 38 week pregnant, her 36th week report and 13th week report showed minimal resistant of diastolic notch , but doctor said baby growth is good around 2.8 kg,, is c section necessary in this case. or she can deliver normal (my wife age is 33 yrs old

  Doctor's Answer

Hi!! If your wife's ultrasound report shows minimal resistance to flow and expected baby weight is 2.8 kg and liquor ( amount of fluid around the baby is normal),she can deliver normally and trial of labour is recommended provided there are no other high risk factors like diabetes or high blood pressure.If during trial of labour ,the baby "s heart beat is not in normal range( normal is between 110-160 beats/min),then emergency caesarean should be done ...
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hi i have been using nicoret patches for 5 days now and i put them on the underside of my upper arm. i have the contriceptive implant in my upper arm. i am wondering if the patches can effect the implant at all as i have never had a period while having the implant and i have used them for years but this morning i had started with quite heavy bleeding is it related to the nicotine patch?

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try nico gum (nicotine chewing gum) ...
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Male 19, just had two teeth out, one extraction has stitches, the other doesn't, the one without stitches has now got a huge blood clot hanging from the sit and is still bleeding, its been almost 24 hours since I had these two removed. How can I make this blood clot small / make the bleeding stop

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Hi, It can bleed if stitches are given to you,though not heavy bleeding. It might bleed when you spit or may be otherwise but in drops. You should avoid eating anything hard spicy and also avoid eating from that side where teeth are removed and also don't try and gargle or spit continuously. You can have plenty of fluids directly orally,not by straw. You may also have ice cream and it should go away and you may continue with pain killers and antibiotics for now. You may also do warm rinse. It ...
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