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Dr. Vikas Gupta

  •  LMP
    •   Civil Lines, Ludhiana
    • Mon-Sun:- 10:00am-12:00pm, 12:00pm-2:00pm, 4:00pm-6:30pm

    About Psychiatrist

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    Psychiatrist in Ludhiana is an specialist who deals in treatment of Alcohol Dependence , Asperger's Syndrome , Attention Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders , Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder , Bereavement , Bipolar Disorder , Cocaine , Delirium , Dementia , Depression , Eating Disorders , Electroconvulsive Therapy , Fragile X Syndrome , Generalized Anxiety Disorder , Huntington's Disease , Learning Disorders , Managing Stress , Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , Palliative Care , Panic Disorder , Personality Disorders , Phobias , Porphyria , Post , Premenstrual Syndrome , Psychotic Disorders , Schizophrenia , Seasonal Affective Disorder , Social Anxiety Disorder , Speech and Language Disorders , Stuttering , Suicide , Tears , Tourette's Syndrome , Treatment for Bipolar Disorder , Vagus Nerve Stimulation.

    Psychiatrist in Ludhiana

    Top Psychiatrist in Ludhiana specialize in providing treatment and services like Consultation, hair transplant.
    You can book appointment with best Psychiatrist in Ludhiana at instantly.