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  About Us

About Healcon.com Simplifying Healthcare !

Healcon.com is healthcare platform on top of cloud that is trying to improve the trust factor between patients and doctors.We use machine learned ranking algorithms to predict the strength of bond between doctors to their claimed skill set using signals of popularity + medical knowledge demonstrated by answering real patient queries and match it with patient symptoms+disease which allows patients to take informed decision about their health.

Healcon RnD Labs

How it started

Few years back a guy was looking for top ophthalmologist in the country since one of his close relative was suffering from a rare disease called macular degeneration and had already consulted 4-5 doctors all of whom gave slightly different opinion about the disease and treatment. Finances was never a problem as long he could find the right doctor who could provide right advice and information about what to expect in future related to disease. The only way to reach the right doctor was through referrals which was a slow and painful task. This is when idea to provide a common platform where one could find right doctor at right time came into being and work started !

We started our healcon journey back in October,2011 when folks working on Yahoo health, Yahoo Search Technology and Microsoft Bing Search gave up their jobs with a hope to create something that would change how healthcare is delivered and started working on next generation healthcare platform to solve some basic problems :

  • Healthcare information is readily available on internet but rarely credible.
  • Finding right doctors for complicated cases is still a tedious tasks.
  • People consult doctors more based on geographical distance than proven expertise.
  • Visiting a doctor just for getting more information regarding a query is mostly ignored and delay leads to physical visit only when disease catches up.
  • Doctor-patient relationship was only limited to physical visit when tragedy struck.
  • Doctors were still managing practice records on paper making it difficult for them to keep a constant touch with patients.

We felt the gap and team got together to fill it scientifically. Powered by highly scalable cloud technology and driven by machine learned algorithms, Healcon Labs was born !

What are we building ?

We are building an open healthcare platform where doctors and patients can interact with each other and in the process deliver timely health information/services to patients affordably through long term realtionship centered around personalised care.

What Patients can do at Healcon

  • Find top doctors based on reviews from patients.Our patent pending scoring algorithm ensures that you find best specialist
  • Get answers to your health related queries from licensed doctors. No more going for a doctor visit to just get medical information
  • Book appointment online with top doctors in your locality.No more waiting in queue for hours.Get SMS reminders on your mobile.
  • Maintain your health records, save medical documents, track vital stats anywhere/anytime.
  • Follow doctors skilled in treatment of your disease. Keep yourself updated with latest feeds from top doctors
  • Connect with patients suffering from disease similar to you and share your experiences

What Doctors can do at Healcon

  • Create most prestigious online medical profile and reach millions of visitors every week.
  • Manage your practice with Healcon Practice Management Software on the cloud. Its free !
  • Let patients book appointment online. Automated patients SMS reminders & integrated calendar.
  • Answer health queries of real patients, prove your expertise in your area and gain followers
  • Collaborate with top doctors for a complex case remotely.Invite multiple doctors around the globe to collaborate.
  • Healcon provides you with all the tools to connect with global patient base beyond your physical location.Go global.

The Health Cloud

At Healcon Labs we know the importance of creating secure,safe and scalable platforms and hence first thing we did is we invested considerable effort into our private health cloud infrastructure to ensure products delivered on top of this cloud need not worry about scalability issues as we grow.

It allows us to provide best services at affordable costs to our users and more often than not we have the advantage of delivering worlds class services for free on top of our private health cloud infrastructure.

Infact today our health cloud enables us to deliver services which are orders of magnitude faster and secure than competition.

The Health Network Graph

We are working hard to take patient/doctor interaction to next level so that patients can take informed decision related to issues concerning their health. Doctors at healcon.com are finding ways to attract relevant patients to their clinic on the basis of their proven skill set.

We use machine learned ranking algorithms to predict the strength of bond between doctors to their claimed skill set using signals of popularity + medical knowledge demonstrated by answering real patient queries and match it with patient symptoms+disease which allows patients to take informed decision about their health.

The Health Network Graph comprises of Doctors, patient, doctor's skill set and patient's disease which essentially form the entities or the nodes in our health network graph (We call them objects ) . Relationship between these entities like 'isAnExpertIn', 'isSufferingFrom' , 'providesTreatmentFor' , 'isFollowing' etc form the edges or the links. Quantifying strength of link gives this graph the third dimension making it a weighted graph (digraph) which is often used in solving many real world algorithmic problems like the optimal routing problems, travelling salesman problem and healcon.com is the first in applying it to simplify healthcare.
In simple language The Object Relation Model for Health Network Graph can be explained as follows :

Our Secret Recipe :
Entity A ------isRelatedTo------> Entity B
Nodes : Entity A & Entity B
Relationship : isRelatedTo
Weight of Relationship : strengthOfBond(Entity A -> Entity B)

For example :
Entity A (Doctor) -----isAnExpertIn-------> Entity B(Doctor's Skil Set)
Dr. A --------isAnExpertIn----> Macular Dengenration
Dr. B --------isAnExpertIn----> Diabetes
Dr. C --------isAnExpertIn----> Diabetes
Patient X --------isSufferingFrom----> Diabetes

Now if strengthOfBond(Dr. C---->Diabetes) is stronger than strengthOfBond(Dr. B--->Diabetes) then we can safely conclude that Patient X will get best results if he/she gets in touch with Dr. C

The strengthofBond is determined by 50+ signals at healcon.Artists at healcon wall are painting this "Health Network Graph" right now as you read !

Where we are ?

Within 2 years we launched some great products used by doctors and patients globally . Following stats show that we are indeed fastest growing health network company :

  • 2 Million+ monthly visitors.
  • 3.5 Million+ monthly pageviews.
  • .1 Million+ registered patients.
  • 10K+ registered doctors and growing !

And what helped in this endeavour is our focus on product ! . Here are some major products we launched during a short span of time :

What to expect in future ?

Expect us to deliver more and more pathbreaking products for patients and doctors at affordable cost (more often than not free of cost !). We are working towards a broader vision of "Connected Healthcare" so that healthcare information & services reach last mile at affordable costs using technology & science !

The way Google disrupted search in first decade, we intend to disrupt healthcare.We dont play by rules of past instead we create one !

Whats cooking at Healcon Labs ?

We will soon be launching a section to showcase next set of delicacies being cooked at Healcon Labs. You may signup with us to be the first one trying out our products.

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Got queries/feedback/suggestions ? Get in touch with us, be rest assured we are listening :

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy !
-Team Healcon