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i had montex test done on 5-2 -2013 . raddishness and swalling is not goindg till its fifthday day. what time it take my wrist area normal?

Hi, Usually the swelling and redness goes away up till 5-7th day. But you may wait up till 10 days. If it does not go after that also,then you may consult a doctor. What are the test result ? Is the swelling or redness to much ? Is it itchy swelling ? Does he have fever ? ...

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Am 42 years old. I have joint pain in my RHS arm. in the wrist joint mostly but also the elbow joint plus the finger joints. I normally feel it when I wake up in the morning. Also after taking some beer or Redbull it is more severe. what could be the problem. At times the pains extends up to shoulder joints. I fee like stretching all the time to ease it up. Please help.

Hi I am Dr Alok, Rheumatologist from Delhi I am sorry about your illness, but it seems that you have Rheumatoid arthritis. But to confirm, we need to do clinical examination and some blood investigations You should see rheumatologist as soon as possible to avoid deformity Hope this will help should you have any queries, please donot hesitate ...

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I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from 8 months. I am having joint pain in my wrist,knee,feet,fingers. I am 45 years of age. My haemoglobin has dropped to 8.3 and R.A. factor reached to 60. Provide me some suggestions for the treatment.

Hi Hi and thanks for the query I am Dr. Alok, Rheumatologist and very pleased to be assisting you with your health questions today. It is very difficult to advise treatment, just on RA factor. you need to see a rheumatologist as soon as possible to prevent permanent joint damage. Now a days there are many very good medicine available Hope this helps and provides answers to your question. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to ask me again I wish you good health, take ...

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want to have liposuction on wrist is 36 need to get 30.

Hi , Liposuction can be done for your tummy as long as you don't have any serious medical conditions and you are active. How much can be done for you will have to be decided after examining you. the only only rider in men undergoing liposuction is that, in men about 50% fat is intra abdominal i.e around the stomach which is not targeted by Liposuction. So for good results after lipo you will have to get into a diet and exercise regimen to tackle the intra abdominal fat. Thank you for your que ...

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Respected Dr. The following are the brief details of my case for your kind consideration:- 1. History of High Myopia since the age of 12 years. 2. Suffered Retina Detachment in the right eye at the age of 25 years and was operated upon at Shankar Netralaya, Chennai but with little gain of vision. 3. Continued with the help of contact lens in the left eye and almost stable number for the next 11 years. 4. Sudden appearance of rainbow like colours in the Left eye and the case was diagnosed as Advanced Optic Nerve Atrophy & Retinal Degeneration at PGI, Chandigarh & I was told that the condition is irreversible with no cure or medication. 5. I was put on eye drop medication with Dorzox, Combigan , Alphagen & am continuing with the same. 6. I was advised IOL transplant in the left eye and underwent surgery for the same at Grewal Eye Institute, Chandigarh. 7. During the last 4 ½ years i.e. since the problem was diagnosed, I have underwent regular treatment under Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurvedic & Homeopathy medicines but with no relief and the deterioration in the field of vision and also its aquity has continued. 8. The latest checkup has shown that even the remaining macular vision in the Left Eye also shows signs of further degeneration. Kindly suggest some remedy for my sister's ailment. Pravin Misra

The condition is called Pathological Myopia and she is having all the complications of this condition. only thing a doctor can do is to treat and try to prevent from the further detoriation and treat the complications of the condition.You can only do is regular follow up to the doctor. There is no curative treatment of this condition. ...

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my grandfather is having sugar level 158 is it safe? earlier it was 307 then after two days it drop down to 232 and now it is 158? what should be an ideal diet.he is a three times a day coffee addict.he has been found cataract in his left going through phaco technique to resolve cataract is it safe.please guide me sir. -regards mayank

A diabetic patient has to keep a strict control over blood sugar before and after cataract surgery If his fasting blood sugar is below 140 and post prandial is below 200 ( on medications ) He can undergo phacoemulisfication cataract surgery ...

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Hello, My 9 months old baby is suffering from cough.I have Kufril-Ls drop.Can i give this syrup for my baby?

We have to see if the cough is dry or wet.If the cough is wet you can give Kufrill LS drops that contains bronchodilator. But if the cough is dry than you have to give your baby Wikoryl AF syrup 3.5ml three times a day. ...

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