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I am a 38 years old male having high blood pressure and Now doctor advise to taking a tablet every morning and evening called LOTENSYL 10mg,Storrvas 10mg,minipress2.5mg Arkarmin ,phostat trice in a day and Febutaz 40 before sleeping. most of time Bp has 150/90 at morning,evening quite high like 160/100 ,PR 86. Lipid profile TC 190. HDL - 34mg/dL, LDL - 104.0 mg/dL, VLDL - 52.00,TRIGLYCERIDES- 306.00 mg/dL.

Hi, Your tests are more or less normal but are in a little higher range as for sodium is a little high. Then you also have proteinuria which can have multiple causes like anxiety,blood pressure,diabetes,infection or many others. Proteinuria can occur due to problems in kidney,and also it can cause other problems in kidney. So you have to remain cautious about this and deal with your blood pressure seriously if that is the only reason or cause for your proteinuria For now follow the following ...

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I am male 42 years old. Have high bp 160/110 and Dr gave Eritel 40. After 5 days checked no and it was 140/100 and was asked to take eritel40 in morning eslo2.5 in night. Did master checkup and all ok except cholesterol . Total cholesterol -208 and triglycerides 169. Given TG Goal for cholesterol. After 10days bp is 130/80. But after started bp medications always have a feeling of having very mild chest pain (cannot term it as pain but some discomfort in left chest near the upper part near shoulder) . Want to is it angina or any other or is it my assumption

I would advise you to visit your cardiologist, angina to be excluded, because if it is angina as early you start its treatment as good result you will get. Anginal pain has its charactaristics and you should describe the character of pain in details to your doctor, then if it is necessary he/she will do some additional examinations, make a diagnosis and will add some medications to your treatment plan. ...

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Hi,i am prasenjit 36 yrs old blood pressure is 140/90.taking medicine betacard am since 9mnth,but whn i taking this medicine my pulse rate was 60 around.thn i go to another doctor nd he suggested me to stop bitacard am and taking revelol am this safe??my total cholesterol is 163,hdl is 28 nd ldl is 95.nd my triglycerides is my question is revolol am is safe fr me??

Revelol is safer and more widely prescribed then betacard, it is long acting (24 hours) medicine, that needs to be taken once a day, every morning. Just you need to control your heart rate, it shouldn't be less the 55 beats per minute (when you sleep it is normal to be less then 55). ...

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My brother is 55 and recently had a PE his labs of concern were SGPT 50, Triglycerides 156 and LDL 120 with a total cholesterol of 196. I am thinking dietary changes will help. What do you advise?

If do you mean Pulmonary Embolism, if so you have to check also hereditary factors for thrombophilia and if it reveal clinically relevant mutations you have to take an appointment to hematologist. Also its important to do duples scanning lower limb veins. ...

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