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Is it safe to use zenflox for my one month baby she s suffering wit earache and brownish wax s coming out. . so pediatric prescribed wit zenflox for 3 tym one drop for 3 days

If pus is coming from the ear, it is not recommend to use any ear drops. You need to use oral antibiotics for 7-10 days. Revisit your doctor. ...

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Tb is diagnosed after laparoscopy surgery for opening fallopian tubes.I have been taking akt4 since three months Now I m on akt 2 Can I get pregnant while using this medicinw

Hi there. I suggest that you complete the tuberculosis regimen before getting pregnant so that there will be no hassle during your pregnancy. Anyway, the regimen is only for 6 months.I hope during your laparoscopy, the patency of your fallopian tubes were also checked. ...

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Hi.. my baby is 6 months old. Her weight is 6.4kgs.. since last 2-3 days she is passing multiple times motion sometimes yellow, sometime greenish yellow. I have consulted pediatric, she has asked me to give her zinconia syrup. Is it safe ? And y it is given ?

zinconia is safe and should be given in diarrhea. it helps in resolving the damage done to the intestine by the diarrhea. should be given for 14 days. Its a type of micro nutrient required by the body ...

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