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I want to know the cost of Laparoscopic surgery in india.

hi, laproscopic surgery is a method of treatment. Please specify what surgery you need so we can get back to you with details. ...

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Hi Doc. I am 7 weeks pregnant. I usually had 28 days regular periods ever since. Never a delay or pain. As I'm aborting the baby using mifeprex and misoprostol I need to know whether it will affect my other organs and fertility in the long run. I'm 29.5 yrs old. This is my second abortion in last 6 months. I conceived first on November 2016. After the termination of pregnancy I was detected with a small kidney stone. Moreover in 6 months I went through major issues of deficiency of vitamin d, ferratin, folate. My weight reduced from 48 to 42 kg by Feb 2017. I was trying to get them recovered and I became pregnant by June 21. I did consult three doctors but I couldn't get a satisfactory answer. I went through lft, kft, thyroid, blood count and all were normal. My heamoglobin is 12.7. it was 13.7 after my first abortion. It deceased post abortion once kidney stone was detected. On top of this I've severe mood disorder and insomania since childhood. So I've been advised to take tryptomer since I was 22 yrs. I need to take it every two three months to restore my sleep balance. I'm a regular workout person and yoga practitioner as well as into weight training. However after all these I went through my body has become weak and I'm not able to workout much. Appetite is lost or so much that I don't know what to eat or what not. Stomach infections became common. After every test and doctors consultation I still need some more answers and clarification/ clarity to my body conditions. Further what precautions I must take. It would be really helpful. Thank you

Hi, Your concern seems multidisciplinary. This needs your utmost patience.First and foremost you can consult a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist, You can also seek a consultation with an Internist (endocrinologist) regarding your condition, specifically the weight loss, easy fatiguability and loss of appetite.Kidney stones can be managed by nephrologist. ...

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I had gallbladder laparoscopic Surgery after 5days I saw blood going out from urine when I pass still so I had a urine test in it RBC 8-9/hpf and epithelial cells 1-2/hpf so do I have any problems.

passing Blood in Urine is not related to Gall Bladder surgery: common cause of Blood in Urine are: Menses in female patient, Calculus (Stone) in Urinary tract which is generally painful and Cystitis ( inflammation of Urinary bladder). ...

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Dr. Pravin Gore

  • Colon and Rectal Surgeon
  •  Mumbai, India
  •  472 Doc Points

Dr. Pragnesh Shah

  • Laproscopic Surgeon
  •  Ahmedabad, India
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Dr. Pramod Shinde

  • Laproscopic Surgeon
  •  Nashik, India
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Dr. Christine Marie Rubio

  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist
  •  Parañaque, Philippines
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