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I am 35 years hold and suffer from occassional acne and rosacea. I used Diprogenta, as I had developed contact dermatitis when I tried using tooth paste to cure a recent eruption I had. The spot cured and the inflammation went down completely. However, it has left a dark reddish spot on the face. Please advise. Usually, when I get an eruption and it cures, I don;t really get a dark mark, as the one that has developed. Should I continue usign diprogenta or fucidin. Is there an alternative? Please advise.

Hello, What you have sounds like Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. This will gradually clear over the next few months. Using an SPF 50 sunscreen 2-3 times a day on the entire face along with a 2% Hydroquinone cream on the dark spot at night will help speed up clearance. DCL AHA Lightening Gel is a good Hydroquinone cream but there are more effective prescription ones which you can ask your doctor about. Please note that the information I have provided is for general purposes only and does n ...

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Sir, My child is suffering from Atopic dermatitis since last 3 years. He is having acute dry skin and itching problem. Due to this his skin is becoming dark and rashes are also developed. What is the treatment procedure for this and how long will it take?

Atopic Dermatitis is allergic skin problem which will always or sometime associated with respiratory problem also. So consult your doctor for further management. Mostly it is common to the children who are using inhalers for breathing problem and it was also identified is the parents are suffering from respiratory problem their may suffer from atopic dermatitis later it may develop into respiratory allergic. ...

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