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I have a growning Boil on my groin about an inch superior and slghltly left lateral of my penis. It is nearly the size. I was cleaing the area and dressing it and noticed my penis was swelling and getting redish. Should I head to the ER or go to a walk in clinic tomorrow?

Hi, Usually problems like this are not extremely urgent. They need to be addressed but they can wait for a day. You might take a pain killer if you have pain and then may visit to walk in clinic. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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best clinic for skin whitening treatment in bangalore

Hi, It is diificult to say about the best clinic in baglore but i have heard about genesis hospital in banglore. Rest kaya clinic has branches all over india. Then there are corporate hospitals in banglore you can also visit them,offcorse They provide with all kinds of services. The area you described is typical of skin pigmentation due to hormonal problems,which all areas are involved and which you think are most involved. You can also visit speciality dermatology clinics ...

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Dear Sir / Mam....Help me please to solve my problem of hair attraction. Here I am want to tell you real and interesting story of my attraction of girls hair. Its happened with me in past. I am hair fetish. It starts when I was 14 years old. A girl about 20 years old was leaving near to my house. She has long and beautiful hair. Her hair length is up to her waist and her hair so smooth and silky. Whenever I saw her hair, I attracted to her beautiful hair and suddenly my penis is become tight. One day I went to her home for some work, at that time she was making her ponytail, my god it’s nice to see her making ponytail, when I saw suddenly my penis tight, then after finishing her ponytail she goes to another room then I just saw her hair in her hair brush then I catch all hair in hair brush and came back to my home with that bunch of hair. I make round shape of that bunch of hair, because they going here and there. Then I so excited that I got bunch of her hair. Then first I smell that bunch of hair (BOH). My god it’s so nice smell of that BOH. A clinic shampoo smell is coming from that BOH. It’s so nice feeling for me. When I touch her BOH then I feel her hair is so smooth and silky. Then I slept on bed in opposite direction and playing with that BOH, while playing that BOH, I was moving my penis here and there and I feel so nice at that time. Then my attraction of her BOH is going so strong that’s why I am going to eat that BOH, I took BOH in my mouth and trying to eating it. While playing, smelling, eating with that BOH I continuously moving my penis here and there. Then after some minutes my semen was ejected. Suddenly my attraction of that BOH is zero. Then I thought what I am doing, I am eating hair? It’s bad for my digestive system and harmful for my heath. Then I remove that BOH from my mouth and thrown into dust bean. Then next day I was thinking why I thrown that BOH into dust bean. Now what I do, my attraction towards her hair is going to strong. Then I went to her home for searching her BOH, and then I got it. But that BOH is now fresh, that BOH is 2-3 day old. I catch it and came back to my home. I took smell of that BOH but there is no good smell, but that BOH was bad smell like bun of hair. You know why that bad smell is going from that BOH, because that BOH in 2-3 day old and sunlight affected to that BOH. At that time I can’t do masturbation on that BOH. But I am trying to searches fresh BOH. Sometime I got fresh BOH sometime I not. When I got fresh BOH then I did masturbation on that when I not then I didn’t. Then I got new idea for hair masturbation that is when I didn’t get hair then I just record long hair video and images in my mind. When I didn’t have hair for masturbation then I used that recorded video and images which in my mind, means I didn’t imaginary hair masturbation. I first saw all long hair girls which in my area and save their long hair videos in m mind. Then at the time of masturbation I used that recorded videos of hair. I just imagine that I smell play and eat that girl’s hair and did masturbation on it. One day I saw a girl which was leaving near to my house and have nice hair, she cut her hair up to 4-5 inches. I was so sad but I am trying to search that hair pieces. Near to her house there was no girl’s beauty parlor. That girl has one another sister which have also long and sexy hair. Then I thought I think she cut her hair at home with help of her sister because no beauty parlor in our area, and I was right I found her hair pieces, my god it was so nice and fresh. Clink plus shampoo smell was coming in that hair pieces. I am so excited I collect all hair pieces and came back my home and did 2-3 time masturbation on that hair pieces. Then I burn all hair pieces I don’t know why I did this but I burn all hair. Then I am so sad because I don’t have her hair pieces. I asking myself why I burn her hair. Then I went to another city for next education, I was leaving with my roommate, he is working in private company. Near to my room there are near about 6-7 ladies beauty parlors. One beauty parlor has open window means you can see from road girl’s hair cut and their treatment. I always watch how girls cut their long hair and suddenly my penis getting tight while seeing their hair cut. I try to get that cut hair. One day I was wondering from one beauty parlor that beauty parlor is closed and outside that parlor then is one carry bag. I just thought definitely girls cut hair pieces in that carry bag. Then I tried to catch that carry bag. I woke up at 2.30 AM then went to that parlor at that time no one was there. Then I collected that carry bag and hide in my room. Then my room partner goes to his job then I open that carry bag and my god I was right there are lots of girls hair pieces, like 8-9 inches, 5-6 inches, 2-3 inches. I am so excited and suddenly my penis became tight. Then I just took smell of all hair pieces my god that hair was so fresh and smell was so nice. Some hair pieces has dove shampoo smell and some has different, but smell was good. Some hair pieces were wet. First sort all hair pieces according their type and did 2-3 times masturbation on that. I have one bad habit whenever I got hair pieces I did masturbation 2-3 times and thrown into dust bean. Now I don’t have any hair pieces still I got neat about 10-15 times hair pieces but all hair pieces I thrown into dust bean after 2-3 masturbation. I have got lots of time BOH (Bunch of hair) but I thrown all BOH into dust bean after one masturbation. Now I came back to my home here there is no one beauty parlor so now I am doing hair masturbation on facebook videos, photos and imaginary videos and photos. A girls which is leaving near to my house is getting married and now is not here so now I don’t have BOH (Bunch of Hair), Hair pieces. I have options for hair masturbation is facebook hair videos and photos also imaginary hair videos and photos. I can't control my sex emotions about hair....please understand me...When I saw beautiful and long hair photos and videos then suddenly my penis tight and want masturbates on that photo and videos ..please understand ..I can't control of Can I control this me ...please......

At. Calling & Whats app no- ********** *Visit us / Just walk in, No consultation fee for you FOR FREE CONSULTATION & Checkup: *101 years Price of Gold Quality Treatment – Rs 12,********** Days Medicine) Best quality total solution customized package treatments also available. Sexologist Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana Clinic Shafakhana, EAST PATEL NAGAR, 1/14, (Opposite Metro Pillar No-173), Main Road, Ground Floor, New Delhi-110008, India. Timings : Mon to Sat : 10.30 am to 6.30 ...

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do you use Osstem implants at your clinic , what are you charages

Hello Yes i do have Osstem Implants. The range starts from Rs. 20,000/- per Implant. ...

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sir, is kaya skin clinic helpful in pigmentation reduction and skin whitening?? they are quite expensive so i need to be sure before heading towards their treatment..!!...and will it also help in making skin glowing (as my skin is really dull)..???

Dear Ananya, The Kaya clinic treatment are made for the customers who already are using there regular users whose skin has already been toned for that further treatment, as of your query, yes it does help in pigmentation and reduction but to a certain degree only not totally or what you desire will take up a lot of chunk of money from your pocket. They will not refund the money either. So think before enrolling into it. As of there are other ways of skin pigmentation reduction like chemical pee ...

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Dr. Puneet Madan

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  •  New Delhi, India
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  • Dentist
  •  Mumbai, India
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