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I have a ligament fracture question - Surgery is required or just doing exercise will do

Hello I need some details of your injury. Which ligament is injured.? which joint is involved? how injury occured? Waiting for your reply ...

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I am 33 years old.i had muscle injury Around ankle due to fall 25 days back.There was no fracture but pain inflammation was done.after 5,6 days i felt more pain around my ankle and uric acid level was tested which is 7.3.i started zyloric 100mg BD.after about 12 days I checked my blood pressure which was 140/100 and my Serum cholestrol was 123 3 days back from today. What i shiuld done, plz guide me....

Hello Abdul Rehman , hope you doing good.well as you got injury on your ankle it usually take months to recover like maximum 3 months, for the injury you have to be patient and keep doing regular massage with diclofenic gel three times daily , try to keep it warm. For high uric acid best treatment is diet control which include to stop eating protein rich diet like meat ,chicken. For your blood pressure & Cholestrol again you have to control your diet like eat food without or with very less salt ...

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Right Clavicle joint swelling.. blood test results and x-ray’s are normal. My doctor said it’s just inflammation. Aside from the swelling it’s accompanied with right shoulder pain as well.

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Dr. Shrenik Shah

  • Orthopedist
  •  Ahmedabad, India
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Dr. Puneet Agrawal

  • Surgeon
  •  Agra, India
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  •  Indore, India
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Dr. Abhimanyu SIngh

  • Orthopedist
  •  New Delhi, India
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Dr. vaibhav gandhi

  • Orthopedist
  •  Aurangabad, India
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  • Physiotherapist
  •  Kurnool, India
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Dr. Ammy Gill

  • Alternative Medicine Expert
  •  Una, India
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Dr. Ujala Nazir

  • Internal Medicine
  •  , Pakistan
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