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.Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  • What are the payment options available to me?

    We accept all major credit/debit cards over secure payment gateway like EBS.

    When can I claim for a refund?

    If you are not satisfied from Healcon.com services, you may claim refund for amount paid to healcon.com . We will not ask any questions and initiate refund within 3 days.

    How much refund will I get ?

    You will receive 100% of amount in your account as refund.

    How can I claim for Refund?

    Incase you are not satisfied with healcon.com services you may mark a mail to support@healcon.com mentioning your reasons for claiming refund.In 99% of cases we start refund process within 24 hours of receiving this mail. However incase you dont get any acknowledgment regarding this, you may call at Healcon Customer Care : +91 9999146464 to confirm refund status.

    Within how many days i can claim refund?

    You need to claim refund within 7 days from payment date for healcon service regarding which you are claiming refund.

    I still need help. How can I contact Customer Support?

    Mark a mail with your query at support@healcon.com or call Healcon Customer Care : +91 9999146464

  • Last update : 31st June, 2011

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