hello! I am 18 year old and m
  hello! I am 18 year old and m

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hello! I am 18 year old and my height is 5'4". I want to increase my height upto 5'8".my father is 5'11" and mother is 5'1". can homeopathic medicine increase my height? tell me any treatment for height. please......

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I am sorry to say there is no medicine in homoeopathy which will help you. According to me your present height is normal as per your genetics. However you may increase your height by a few cms by doing excercises.

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I am suffering from piles about 3 months.many medicine which is suggested by peoples and homeopathic doctor.plz treat me sir.

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Need detail case taking is required. Kindly contact me for the treatment ...
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I am suffering from asthma for past 20 years, recently for the past few months i feel burning sensation in the stomach at early morning time and next wheezing. What is the remedial medicine . Is it curable or controllable? Now i am taking homeopathic medicines.

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probably u have COPD.U might be having gastritis,because of mediine.change ur diet to simpler forms.Steam inhalation b4 bed.what med ru taking? ...
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i have no result in homeopathic treatment....... please suggest me a good allopathic doctor in hyderabad and banglore. regards, dinesh

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What were u being treated for? ...
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my father is suffering from CATARACT it is at starting point can it be procure by medicine or operation is the best way than in how many days my father will be perfect.

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There is no medical treatment of cataract. when ever you get difficulty in vision sufficient enough to hamper your day to day activity go for cataract surgery. ...
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Pl.tellme the name of homeopathic medicine for cholesterolosis of g.b.

  Doctor's Answer

There are many like Fel Tauri , Chelidonium, Cholesterinum , Nat. Sulph. Looking at right indication right medicines can be taken. ...
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