Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli
  Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli

Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli

Dentist  (Dentistry - Periodontics)
  New Delhi, India

 (Practicing for 20 Years )
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Area Of Expertise
pediatric dentistry
dental implants
gum diseaes and periodontal therapy
Teeth Whitening
Dental Crown Bridge
dental extractions

About Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli

AS A PERIODONTIST,ORAL IMPLANTOLOGIST (MDS) AND CLINICIAN I AM PROFICIENT IN- 1.Teeth Scaling and root planning 2.One hour Teeth whitening 3.Laser tooth coloured filings 4.Periodontal/Gum Flap Surgeries. 5.Dental Implant Site Preparation and Implant Placement. 6.Trans-alveolar Extractions 7.Root canal Treatments-single sitting 8.Crown & Bridge Preparation and Placement 9.Teeth Splinting procedures-Joining of mobile or fractured teeth. 10.Pediatric Dental Treatments 11.Orthodontics-Braces
Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli is a Dentist from New Delhi, India. He is licenced from Punjab, India and has been practicing for 20 Years.
As far as education concerns, He has done MDS from subharti dental collega, class of 2008. He Completed BDS from Himachal Dental College, class of 2002. He has been awarded with various awards like Add Your Awards, Best Dental Clinic in Delhi NCR-2010, Fellow of Indian society of oral implantologists and Ida member. He has done certification in Add Your Certification, Esthetic cosmetic dentistry, Implantology, Non surgical wisdom teeth extractions, ROTARY ENDO and Smile designing.

Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli's EDUCATION

  Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli completed MDS from subharti dental collega , Class Of 2008
  Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli completed BDS from Himachal Dental College , Class Of 2002

Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli's LOCATION

Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli's AFFILIATION

  Add Your Affiliation
  Indian Dental Association
  Indian Society of Oral implantologists
  Indian society of periodontology
  Pierre Fauchard Academy

Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli's CERTIFICATIONS

  Add Your Certification
  Esthetic cosmetic dentistry
  Non surgical wisdom teeth extractions
  Smile designing

Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli's AWARDS

  Add Your Awards
  Best Dental Clinic in Delhi NCR-2010
  Fellow of Indian society of oral implantologists
  Ida member
Dr. Amrinder Singh Tuli Is Not Associated With Any Clinic Currently.