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No 3662, Raj Plaza, Kakkaloor Bye Pass Road, TNHB, Near Aarya Restaurant, Tamil Nadu 602001 Near NAC jewellers , thiruvallur
Tiruvallur , India

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About Vaagai Clinic

Experience the surprising effects of Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, yoga & Varma therapies by cleansing your body, mind & spirit at vaagai clinic.Our salient features: • Classical & constitutional homoeopathy for all kind of problems like, sinus, migraine, allergy, asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, insomnia, psychological disorders, Autism, ADHD, gastritis, gastric ulcer, female complaints, PCOD, ovarian cyst, menstrual disorders & infertility. • Curative & preventive therapies for acute & chronic diseases by naturopathy & yoga therapy • Varma therapy for Spondylitis, Spondylosis, Myalgia, Frozen shoulder, Periarthritis, Sciatica, Disc bulge, Disc prolapse, back pain, neck pain, Osteo arthritis, Rheumatic & Rheumatoid arthritis.
Vaagai Clinic is located in Tiruvallur, India. Vaagai Clinic is specialized in HomeoPathy.
         Vaagai Clinic offers various treatments like 1 dram, 1/2 dram, 2 dram, Alfa alfa, Alfalfa tonic, Alo calendula, Aloevera calendula, Amirthaswasm, Arnica hair oil, Arnica shampoo, Artho oilment, Artho one plus, Artho rub, B T hair growth oil, Biochem, Calendula, Capsule zeotone, Cervilon, Cofavin, Consultation, Consultation 1, Consultation 2, Consultation 3, Cough syrup, Courier, Dr1 2, Echinacea, Follow, Followup, Gynadis syrup, Hair gro gel, Hair oil, Hairgro Gel, Liquid , Liquid medicine, Livamirutham, Livoamiruthum, Lumbarton, Medicine cost, Medicine cost per month, Mother Tincher, MT, Mullein oil, Oilment, Ortho oil, PETROLEUM, Pills 1 2 gram, Pills 2 dram, Posture alignment therapy back only, Posture alignment therapy full body Dorn therapy, Rhustox, S.l, S.L powder, Skookum chuck, SL, Swasamirtham, Syrup Gynadis , Tb, Tp chooranam, Treatment cost, Varma back neck hip full spine, Varma both side knees, Varma both side knees hip, Varma both side shoulder, Varma full body varma, Varma lower back, Varma Neck, Varma One side knee, Varma one side knee hip, Varma one side shoulder, Varma shoulder with neck one side, Vasthi therapy, Yoga and Zeotone .

Doctors at Vaagai Clinic

Vaagai Clinic has not provided any staff information yet.

Treatments at Vaagai Clinic

Treatment Cost in INR
1 dram Not Provided
1/2 dram Not Provided
2 dram Not Provided
Alfa alfa Not Provided
Alfalfa tonic Not Provided
Alo calendula Not Provided
Aloevera calendula Not Provided
Amirthaswasm Not Provided
Arnica hair oil Not Provided
Arnica shampoo Not Provided
Artho oilment Not Provided
Artho one plus Not Provided
Artho rub Not Provided
B T hair growth oil Not Provided
Biochem Not Provided
Calendula Not Provided
Capsule zeotone Not Provided
Cervilon Not Provided
Cofavin Not Provided
Consultation Not Provided
Consultation 1 Not Provided
Consultation 2 Not Provided
Consultation 3 Not Provided
Cough syrup Not Provided
Courier 100.00
Dr1 2 Not Provided
Echinacea Not Provided
Follow 100.00
Followup Not Provided
Gynadis syrup Not Provided
Hair gro gel Not Provided
Hair oil Not Provided
Hairgro Gel 200.00
Liquid Not Provided
Liquid medicine Not Provided
Livamirutham Not Provided
Livoamiruthum Not Provided
Lumbarton Not Provided
Medicine cost Not Provided
Medicine cost per month 550.00
Mother Tincher Not Provided
MT Not Provided
Mullein oil Not Provided
Oilment Not Provided
Ortho oil Not Provided
Pills 1 2 gram Not Provided
Pills 2 dram Not Provided
Posture alignment therapy back only 600.00
Posture alignment therapy full body Dorn therapy 850.00
Rhustox Not Provided
S.l Not Provided
S.L powder Not Provided
Skookum chuck Not Provided
SL Not Provided
Swasamirtham 250.00
Syrup Gynadis Not Provided
Tb Not Provided
Tp chooranam Not Provided
Treatment cost Not Provided
Varma back neck hip full spine 700.00
Varma both side knees 600.00
Varma both side knees hip 900.00
Varma both side shoulder 800.00
Varma full body varma 950.00
Varma lower back 500.00
Varma Neck 350.00
Varma One side knee 300.00
Varma one side knee hip 450.00
Varma one side shoulder Not Provided
Varma shoulder with neck one side 500.00
Vasthi therapy 600.00
Yoga 150.00
Zeotone Not Provided

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