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Dentistry - Pedodontics

B-2/516 Chitrakoot Scheme, Vaishali Nagar opps pratap stadium , Vaishali
Jaipur , India

Speciality Dental Care for the whole Family

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About Tooth Talez

State of art dental equipment's with a specialized dental expertise for infant children and adults
Tooth Talez is located in Jaipur, India. Tooth Talez is specialized in Dentistry - Pedodontics and Dentistry - Periodontics.
         Tooth Talez offers various treatments like Apicoectomy, Cavities, Composite filling, Compositeveenering, Consultation, Crown, Crown 1, Expansion, Extraction 2, Filling, Fillings, Fluoride Treatment, GIC, Gum Surgery Full Mouth, Implants, IOPA, Luting, MTAPlacement, Myofunctional therapy, Oralprophylaxis, Orthodontic Treatment, Pediatric Crowns, Pitandfissursealant, Post and core, Pulpotomy Pulpectomy, RCT, Re Cementation, RE RCT, Restoration, Scaling Polishing, Sealant, Space Maintainer, Ssc, Stainless steel crown, Stainless steel crown 1, Stripcrown, Wisdom tooth extraction, Orthodontic treatment , Consultation 1, Scaling, Checkup, Extraction, Bonding and Orthodontictreatment. The doctors associated with this clinic are Dr. Sudhanshu Bhatnagar (specialized in Dentistry - Pediatric), Dr. Gauri Bhatnagar (specialized in Dentistry - Periodontics), Dr. Nishant Gupta (specialized in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) and Dr. Shiva Gupta (specialized in Dentistry - Orthodontics),

Treatments at Tooth Talez

Treatment Cost in INR
Apicoectomy Not Provided
Cavities Not Provided
Composite filling Not Provided
Compositeveenering Not Provided
Consultation 150.00
Crown Not Provided
Crown 1 Not Provided
Expansion Not Provided
Extraction 2 Not Provided
Filling Not Provided
Fillings Not Provided
Fluoride Treatment Not Provided
GIC Not Provided
Gum Surgery Full Mouth Not Provided
Implants Not Provided
IOPA Not Provided
Luting Not Provided
MTAPlacement Not Provided
Myofunctional therapy Not Provided
Oralprophylaxis Not Provided
Orthodontic Treatment Not Provided
Pediatric Crowns Not Provided
Pitandfissursealant Not Provided
Post and core Not Provided
Pulpotomy Pulpectomy Not Provided
RCT Not Provided
Re Cementation Not Provided
RE RCT Not Provided
Restoration Not Provided
Scaling Polishing Not Provided
Sealant Not Provided
Space Maintainer Not Provided
Ssc Not Provided
Stainless steel crown Not Provided
Stainless steel crown 1 Not Provided
Stripcrown Not Provided
Wisdom tooth extraction Not Provided
Orthodontic treatment Not Provided
Consultation 1 Not Provided
Scaling Not Provided
Checkup Not Provided
Extraction Not Provided
Bonding Not Provided
Orthodontictreatment Not Provided

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