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  Sri Subiksha Dental Clinic

Sri Subiksha Dental Clinic

Dentistry - Periodontics
1/155A,Chemmenchery alamaram,side of cafe coffee day,Old mahabalipuram road , chemmenchery
Chennai , India

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About Sri Subiksha Dental Clinic

Sri Subiksha Dental Clinic is located in Chennai, India. Sri Subiksha Dental Clinic is specialized in Dentistry - Periodontics.
         Sri Subiksha Dental Clinic offers various treatments like Consultation, Dental filling nanoceramic, Root canal treatment, Extraction, Dental impaction, Biopsy, Dental crowns-metal ceramic -lava classic, Fixed bridges, Dental implants, Complete dentures, Removable partial dentures, Gingival currettage, Periodontal flap surgery, Scaling and root planning, Bone grafting, Regenerative periodontal therapy, Esthetic periodontal surgery, Orthodontic correction of teeth, Teeth polishing, Bleaching of teeth, Splinting of teeth, Correction of facial deformity, Reduction of facial fractures, Child dental care and Geriatric dentistry. Dr. Anitha Vijayarangan (specialized in Dentistry) is associated with this clinic.

Treatments at Sri Subiksha Dental Clinic

Treatment Cost in INR
Consultation Not Provided
Dental filling nanoceramic Not Provided
Root canal treatment Not Provided
Extraction Not Provided
Dental impaction Not Provided
Biopsy Not Provided
Dental crowns-metal ceramic -lava classic Not Provided
Fixed bridges Not Provided
Dental implants Not Provided
Complete dentures Not Provided
Removable partial dentures Not Provided
Gingival currettage Not Provided
Periodontal flap surgery Not Provided
Scaling and root planning Not Provided
Bone grafting Not Provided
Regenerative periodontal therapy Not Provided
Esthetic periodontal surgery Not Provided
Orthodontic correction of teeth Not Provided
Teeth polishing Not Provided
Bleaching of teeth Not Provided
Splinting of teeth Not Provided
Correction of facial deformity Not Provided
Reduction of facial fractures Not Provided
Child dental care Not Provided
Geriatric dentistry Not Provided

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