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Shop No. 6, A3 Wing, Chanakya Lok Bharti C.H.S., Off Marol Maroshi Road, Marol, Andheri East Opposite Lok Bhavan, Marol , Marol
Mumbai , India

Invest in your SMILE....You wear it EVERYDAY!!!

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About Smilestone Dental Care Centre

State of Art Family Dental Care Centre providing General Dentistry to take care of all your minor & major dental problems * Special Attention to Cosmetic dentistry....INVEST IN YOUR SMILE,YOU WEAR IT EVERYDAY!!! Description MAJOR CONCENTRATION ON: *smile designing (ONLY COSMETIC fillings done) *valplast flexible dentures with lifetime warranty certificate. *tooth jewellery. *root canal procedure using advanced techniques. *metal free highly aesthetic crowns , bridges,veneers & laminates. *cleaning & whitening/bleaching. *visiting endodontist for complex root canal cases. *visiting faculty for orthodontic treatment(braces) (M.D.S) *visiting faculty for oral implants. *wisdom tooth surgeries. SPECIAL ATTENTION TO: *full mouth rehabilitation *geriatric dentistry (25% DISCOUNT to senior citizens) x-ray facility a child friendly clinic(FREE GIFTS FOR KIDS) we aim not only to TREAT but also to PREVENT dental problems by educating our patients & creating awareness about good oral hygiene maintenance procedures.
Smilestone Dental Care Centre is located in Mumbai, India. Smilestone Dental Care Centre is specialized in Dentistry.
         Smilestone Dental Care Centre offers various treatments like Apicoectomy, Bisctrial, BONDING, Bridgeremoval, Bridgeremoval 1, Build up filling, Cementation, Cementation 1, Cementation 2, Cementation 3, Cementation 4, Cementation 5, Ceramic bridge, Ceramic crown, Ceramic crown CAD CAM, Ceramic crown trial, Ceramictrial, Checkup, Checkup 1, Complete semirigid denture Dentcare flex, Complex root canals done by endodontist, Composite tooth colored filling, Composite filling, Composite filling with light cured GI lining, Consultation, Core build up, Crowncutting, Crowncutting 1, Crowncutting 2, Crowncutting 3, Crowncutting 4, Crowncutting 5, Crownremoval, Crownremoval 1, Crownremoval 2, Cyst biopsy, Deciduous tooth root canal, Dental xray iopa, Direct composite veneers, Direct composite veneers 1, Directcompositeveneers, Dressing, Dressing 1, Dressing 2, Dressing 3, Dressing 4, Extraction, Extraction 1, Extraction 2, Extraction 3, Extraction 4, Extraction 5, Extraction of RCTreated tooth, Extractionofdeciduousteeth, Filling, Frenectomy, Gingivectomy, Implant, Implants osstem, Implantsurgery, Implanttrial, Impression making, LightcuredGIC, Lower labial frenectomy, Lucitone partial dentures upper lower sets, Lucitone removable lower denture, Lucitone removable upper denture, Metal trial, Nightguarddelivery, Old bridge removal, Old ceramic crown removal, Ortho, Orthodontic treatment, Orthodonticconsulatation, Orthodonticconsultation, Orthodonticconsultation 1, Orthodontistconsultation, Partial semirigid dentures Dentcare flex, Pin post build up, PostRctfilling, Prosthesis removal, Re root canal treatment, Re rootcanaltreatment, Recementation of old ceramic crown, Rerct, RErootcanal, Rerootcanaltreatment, Rerootcanaltreatment 1, Root canal filling obturation, Root canal treatment, Root piece extraction, Rootcanaldressing, Rootcanaldressing 1, Scaling polishing gum treatment, Scaling and polishing, Silver filling, Sinus tract drainage, SPLINT, SPLINT 1, Sunflex upper and loer dentures, Sunflex upper and lower denture set, Sunflex upper and lower dentures , Sunflexdentureimpression, Surgical extraction , Surgicalextraction, Surgicalextractionofrootcanaltreatedoldtooth, Surgicalextractionofrootcanaltreatedtooth, Suture removal, Sutureremoval, Temporary cap cementation, Temporary jacket crown, Trial, Valplast flexi denture, Valplast flexible dentures, White metal cap crown, Wisdom tooth extraction, Wisdom tooth extraction 1, Wisdom tooth surgical extraction, Zirconia metal free crowns amp bridges and Zirconium crown. Dr. Aparna Bandodkar (specialized in Dentistry) is associated with this clinic.

Treatments at Smilestone Dental Care Centre

Treatment Cost in INR
Apicoectomy Not Provided
Bisctrial Not Provided
BONDING Not Provided
Bridgeremoval Not Provided
Bridgeremoval 1 Not Provided
Build up filling Not Provided
Cementation Not Provided
Cementation 1 Not Provided
Cementation 2 Not Provided
Cementation 3 Not Provided
Cementation 4 Not Provided
Cementation 5 Not Provided
Ceramic bridge Not Provided
Ceramic crown Not Provided
Ceramic crown CAD CAM Not Provided
Ceramic crown trial Not Provided
Ceramictrial Not Provided
Checkup Not Provided
Checkup 1 Not Provided
Complete semirigid denture Dentcare flex Not Provided
Complex root canals done by endodontist 0.00
Composite tooth colored filling Not Provided
Composite filling Not Provided
Composite filling with light cured GI lining Not Provided
Consultation 300.00
Core build up Not Provided
Crowncutting Not Provided
Crowncutting 1 Not Provided
Crowncutting 2 Not Provided
Crowncutting 3 Not Provided
Crowncutting 4 Not Provided
Crowncutting 5 Not Provided
Crownremoval Not Provided
Crownremoval 1 Not Provided
Crownremoval 2 Not Provided
Cyst biopsy Not Provided
Deciduous tooth root canal Not Provided
Dental xray iopa 100.00
Direct composite veneers Not Provided
Direct composite veneers 1 Not Provided
Directcompositeveneers Not Provided
Dressing Not Provided
Dressing 1 Not Provided
Dressing 2 Not Provided
Dressing 3 Not Provided
Dressing 4 Not Provided
Extraction Not Provided
Extraction 1 Not Provided
Extraction 2 Not Provided
Extraction 3 Not Provided
Extraction 4 Not Provided
Extraction 5 Not Provided
Extraction of RCTreated tooth Not Provided
Extractionofdeciduousteeth Not Provided
Filling Not Provided
Frenectomy Not Provided
Gingivectomy Not Provided
Implant Not Provided
Implants osstem 35000.00
Implantsurgery Not Provided
Implanttrial Not Provided
Impression making 0.00
LightcuredGIC Not Provided
Lower labial frenectomy Not Provided
Lucitone partial dentures upper lower sets Not Provided
Lucitone removable lower denture Not Provided
Lucitone removable upper denture Not Provided
Metal trial Not Provided
Nightguarddelivery Not Provided
Old bridge removal Not Provided
Old ceramic crown removal Not Provided
Ortho Not Provided
Orthodontic treatment 0.00
Orthodonticconsulatation Not Provided
Orthodonticconsultation Not Provided
Orthodonticconsultation 1 Not Provided
Orthodontistconsultation Not Provided
Partial semirigid dentures Dentcare flex Not Provided
Pin post build up Not Provided
PostRctfilling Not Provided
Prosthesis removal Not Provided
Re root canal treatment Not Provided
Re rootcanaltreatment Not Provided
Recementation of old ceramic crown Not Provided
Rerct Not Provided
RErootcanal Not Provided
Rerootcanaltreatment Not Provided
Rerootcanaltreatment 1 Not Provided
Root canal filling obturation Not Provided
Root canal treatment Not Provided
Root piece extraction Not Provided
Rootcanaldressing Not Provided
Rootcanaldressing 1 Not Provided
Scaling polishing gum treatment Not Provided
Scaling and polishing Not Provided
Silver filling Not Provided
Sinus tract drainage Not Provided
SPLINT Not Provided
SPLINT 1 Not Provided
Sunflex upper and loer dentures Not Provided
Sunflex upper and lower denture set Not Provided
Sunflex upper and lower dentures Not Provided
Sunflexdentureimpression Not Provided
Surgical extraction Not Provided
Surgicalextraction Not Provided
Surgicalextractionofrootcanaltreatedoldtooth Not Provided
Surgicalextractionofrootcanaltreatedtooth Not Provided
Suture removal Not Provided
Sutureremoval Not Provided
Temporary cap cementation Not Provided
Temporary jacket crown Not Provided
Trial Not Provided
Valplast flexi denture Not Provided
Valplast flexible dentures 0.00
White metal cap crown Not Provided
Wisdom tooth extraction Not Provided
Wisdom tooth extraction 1 Not Provided
Wisdom tooth surgical extraction Not Provided
Zirconia metal free crowns amp bridges Not Provided
Zirconium crown Not Provided

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