Psychiatrist Sai Neuropsychiatry Clinic
  Psychiatrist Sai Neuropsychiatry Clinic

Sai Neuropsychiatry Clinic


#386, 7th Cross, 7th Main Diagonally opp. Disney Bakery
Bangalore , India

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About Sai Neuropsychiatry Clinic

Sai Neuropsychiatry Clinic is located in Bangalore, India. Sai Neuropsychiatry Clinic is specialized in Psychiatry.
         Sai Neuropsychiatry Clinic offers various treatments like Abnormal Unusual Strange Behavior, Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Anger Management, Anger Management 1, Antisocial Behavior, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Career Counselling, Child and Adolescent Problems, Child psychiatry, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 1, Consultation, De Addiction, Depression, Drug Abuse and Addiction, General Psychiatry, Grief Counseling, IQ Assessment, Loss of Interest, Marriage Counselling, Nicotine Addiction, Nightmares Bad Dreams, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Personality Assessment, Premarital Counseling, Premarital Counseling 1, Psychosexual Problems, Psychotherapy, Psychotherapy 1, Schizophrenia, Sexology, Sleep Disturbance, Stress, Suicidal Behavior, Unexplained Physical Symptoms, Violent Behavior and Withdrawal Symptoms. Dr. Sarika Chindalur (specialized in Psychiatry) is associated with this clinic.

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Treatment Cost in INR
Abnormal Unusual Strange Behavior Not Provided
Addiction Not Provided
Alcohol Addiction Not Provided
Anger Management Not Provided
Anger Management 1 Not Provided
Antisocial Behavior Not Provided
Anxiety Not Provided
Bipolar Disorder Not Provided
Career Counselling Not Provided
Child and Adolescent Problems Not Provided
Child psychiatry Not Provided
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Not Provided
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 1 Not Provided
Consultation Not Provided
De Addiction Not Provided
Depression Not Provided
Drug Abuse and Addiction Not Provided
General Psychiatry Not Provided
Grief Counseling Not Provided
IQ Assessment Not Provided
Loss of Interest Not Provided
Marriage Counselling Not Provided
Nicotine Addiction Not Provided
Nightmares Bad Dreams Not Provided
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Not Provided
Personality Assessment Not Provided
Premarital Counseling Not Provided
Premarital Counseling 1 Not Provided
Psychosexual Problems Not Provided
Psychotherapy Not Provided
Psychotherapy 1 Not Provided
Schizophrenia Not Provided
Sexology Not Provided
Sleep Disturbance Not Provided
Stress Not Provided
Suicidal Behavior Not Provided
Unexplained Physical Symptoms Not Provided
Violent Behavior Not Provided
Withdrawal Symptoms Not Provided

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