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Orchards Dental Care

#471, 6th Main Road, 10th Cross , Sadashivanagar
Bangalore , India

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About Orchards Dental Care

Orchards Dental Care is located in Bangalore, India. Orchards Dental Care is specialized in Dentistry.
         Orchards Dental Care offers various treatments like Consultation, Aesthetic Dentistry, Braces, Ceramic Crowns, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentures, Extractions, Fillings, Gum Surgery, Gums Treatment, Immediate Dentures, Implants, Invisible Braces/Invisalign, Laser Gums Treatment, Laser Surgery, Maxillo Facial Prosthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontal Flap Surgery, Periodontal Plastic Surgery, Post And Core, Prosthetics, Root Canal, Rotary Rct, Scaling, Smile Makeover, Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Whitening, Tooth Coloured Fillings, Wedding Smile Planner, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Zirconia Crowns, Periodontics, Endodontics, Dental Surgery, Orthodontics, Ceramic Braces, Oral Surgery, Laser Dentistry, Bleeding Gums Treatment, Painless Root Canal Treatment, Ceramic Crowns and Bridges, Implant Retained Dentures, Dental Implants, Metal Braces, Clear Aligners, Cosmetic Filling, Dental Crowns, Pit and Fissure Sealant, General Dentist, Prosthodontist and Crowns And Bridges. The doctors associated with this clinic are Dr. Balasubramanya K.V. (specialized in Dentistry) and Dr. Shilpa Shashikiran (specialized in Dentistry).

Doctors at Orchards Dental Care

Dr. Balasubramanya K.V.

  • Dentist
  •   Bangalore , India
  •  100 Doc Points

Dr. Shilpa Shashikiran

  • Dentist
  •   Bangalore , India
  •  100 Doc Points

Treatments at Orchards Dental Care

Treatment Cost in INR
Consultation Not Provided
Aesthetic Dentistry Not Provided
Braces Not Provided
Ceramic Crowns Not Provided
Cosmetic Dentistry Not Provided
Dentures Not Provided
Extractions Not Provided
Fillings Not Provided
Gum Surgery Not Provided
Gums Treatment Not Provided
Immediate Dentures Not Provided
Implants Not Provided
Invisible Braces/Invisalign Not Provided
Laser Gums Treatment Not Provided
Laser Surgery Not Provided
Maxillo Facial Prosthodontics Not Provided
Pediatric Dentistry Not Provided
Periodontal Flap Surgery Not Provided
Periodontal Plastic Surgery Not Provided
Post And Core Not Provided
Prosthetics Not Provided
Root Canal Not Provided
Rotary Rct Not Provided
Scaling Not Provided
Smile Makeover Not Provided
Teeth Cleaning Not Provided
Teeth Whitening Not Provided
Tooth Coloured Fillings Not Provided
Wedding Smile Planner Not Provided
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Not Provided
Zirconia Crowns Not Provided
Periodontics Not Provided
Endodontics Not Provided
Dental Surgery Not Provided
Orthodontics Not Provided
Ceramic Braces Not Provided
Oral Surgery Not Provided
Laser Dentistry Not Provided
Bleeding Gums Treatment Not Provided
Painless Root Canal Treatment Not Provided
Ceramic Crowns and Bridges Not Provided
Implant Retained Dentures Not Provided
Dental Implants Not Provided
Metal Braces Not Provided
Clear Aligners Not Provided
Cosmetic Filling Not Provided
Dental Crowns Not Provided
Pit and Fissure Sealant Not Provided
General Dentist Not Provided
Prosthodontist Not Provided
Crowns And Bridges Not Provided

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