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C/14, Ushakiran appartment, Sardarnagarmain road, Above A.B.C. medical store, , Dr. Yagnik road
Rajkot , India

Welcome to Gopi Dental, Cosmetic, Periodontal, Laser and Implant Centre at Rajkot, Gujarat , India.

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About Gopi Dental Care Clinic

Since last 15 years Gopi Dental Care & Implant Centre is the one step solution for a wide spectrum of treatments ranging from day to day preventive dentistry to implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, periodontal treatment, child dentistry and even laser dentistry. Our clinic which is one of the best centre for cosmetic and denture treatment as well as for fix teeth and root canal treatment in Rajkot, Gujarat, India is a synthesis of science and art, with an undiluted commitment to our clients and society. For us dentistry is an art form….. Our clinic, located at Yagnik road, Rajkot, Gujarat, India is right in the heart of the city caters to a large spectrum of well heeled individuals expatriates to locals and also to medical/dental tourists. Our is one of the best implant and denture centre for dental tourism. All our NRI and local patients have one thing in common they come seeking us because we have high level of commitment, empathy and expertise to offer under completely sterilized clinical conditions. Above all a pain free dental experience.
Gopi Dental Care Clinic is located in Rajkot, India. Gopi Dental Care Clinic is specialized in Dentistry.
         Gopi Dental Care Clinic offers various treatments like Bleaching, Bridge removal, CAD CAM PFM, Complete Denture, Complete Denture 1, Complete Denture 2, Complete Denture 3, Complete Denture 4, Complete Denture 5, Consultation, Consultation 1, Crown removal, Deep cleaning, Deep cleaning 1, Denture relieve, Dis Impaction, Dis impaction 1, Dis Impaction 2, Dis Impaction 3, Extraction, Extraction 1, Flap surgery, Flap Surgery 1, Full cast Crown Metal, Light Cure Filling, Light Cure filling 1, Light cure filling 2, Light Cure Filling 3, Localised flap, PFM bridge, PFM Crown, PFM Crown 1, Root Canal Treatment, Root Canal Treatment 1, Root Canal Treatment 2, Scaling, Scaling 1, Scaling 2, Scaling 3, Scaling 4, Silver Filling G.I. filling, Suture removal, X Ray, Cosmetic dentist, Crown recementation, Deep Scaling, Flap surgery, G.I. Filling, Light Cure Filling 1, Root canal treatment, X ray, Deep Scaling 2, Flap Surgery, Flap Surgery 2 and Flap Surgery 3. The doctors associated with this clinic are Dr. BINDAN SHAH (specialized in Dentistry) and Dr. Sejal Shah (specialized in Dentistry - Cosmetic).

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Treatment Cost in INR
Bleaching Not Provided
Bridge removal Not Provided
CAD CAM PFM Not Provided
Complete Denture Not Provided
Complete Denture 1 Not Provided
Complete Denture 2 Not Provided
Complete Denture 3 Not Provided
Complete Denture 4 Not Provided
Complete Denture 5 Not Provided
Consultation Not Provided
Consultation 1 Not Provided
Crown removal Not Provided
Deep cleaning Not Provided
Deep cleaning 1 Not Provided
Denture relieve Not Provided
Dis Impaction Not Provided
Dis impaction 1 Not Provided
Dis Impaction 2 Not Provided
Dis Impaction 3 Not Provided
Extraction Not Provided
Extraction 1 Not Provided
Flap surgery Not Provided
Flap Surgery 1 Not Provided
Full cast Crown Metal Not Provided
Light Cure Filling Not Provided
Light Cure filling 1 Not Provided
Light cure filling 2 Not Provided
Light Cure Filling 3 Not Provided
Localised flap Not Provided
PFM bridge Not Provided
PFM Crown Not Provided
PFM Crown 1 Not Provided
Root Canal Treatment Not Provided
Root Canal Treatment 1 Not Provided
Root Canal Treatment 2 Not Provided
Scaling Not Provided
Scaling 1 Not Provided
Scaling 2 Not Provided
Scaling 3 Not Provided
Scaling 4 Not Provided
Silver Filling G.I. filling Not Provided
Suture removal Not Provided
X Ray Not Provided
Cosmetic dentist Not Provided
Crown recementation Not Provided
Deep Scaling Not Provided
Flap surgery Not Provided
G.I. Filling Not Provided
Light Cure Filling 1 Not Provided
Root canal treatment Not Provided
X ray Not Provided
Deep Scaling 2 Not Provided
Flap Surgery Not Provided
Flap Surgery 2 Not Provided
Flap Surgery 3 Not Provided

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