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471, 14th cross, 8th main, wilson garden, bangalore Opposite to Sagar Pharma , Wilson garden
Bangalore , India


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About Eiliyah Dental Care

Eiliyah Dental Care was started in 2016 by Dr Shamaz Mohamed and Dr Bibi halima Shamaz to provide worldclass dental care with personalized touch to the patients at Wilson Garden, Bangalore. The clinic staff integrate evidence based approach into the dental practice which is a patient-centered approach to treatment decisions, which provides personalized dental care based on the most current scientific knowledge. At Eiliyah Dental care the dental staff are professionally trained and are updated with latest advances in dental practice and they integrate their clinical expertise with the patient’s needs and preferences, and the most current, clinically relevant evidence. All three are part of the decision-making process for patient care and needless to say, Eiliyah Dental care is a place where patients are treated with utmost care and hospitality which is in line with tagline Specialized Dentistry, Personalized Care. At our clinic we have specialist catering to needs right from kids to senior citizens, our specialist dental surgeons provide comprehensive dental treatments at our clinic. We offer Dental Surgery, Root Canal Treatment (RCT), Teeth Whitening, cosmetic dental treatment, preventive care, orthodontic dental care, Paediatric Dentistry and a lot more and best part at one place. At Eiliyah Dental care our team always thrive for Prevention of oro-dental diseases and “Not Just Cure” to help our patients understand and incorporate simple healthy habits into their daily routine so as to prevent dental diseases, and in turn, avoid complex dental procedures. Eiliyah dental care not only caters the patients with treatment which is latest in dental care to the affluent and with ability to pay dental fee but also to the needy and not so affluent patients with less ability to pay. However the quality and precision is same for both the classes of people. We try to keep the dental charges reasonable and affordable to the patients. Visit our clinic to experience the specialized dentistry with personalized care
Eiliyah Dental Care is located in Bangalore, India. Eiliyah Dental Care is specialized in Dentistry - Community Dentistry and Dentistry - Prosthodontics.
         Eiliyah Dental Care offers treatments of Consultation and Scaling and oral prophylaxis. Dr. SHAMAZ MOHAMED (specialized in Dentistry - Community Dentistry) is associated with this clinic.

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