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  Mumbai Homeopathist Bhandup West Carewell Holistic IHC

Carewell Holistic IHC

G-170, Upper Ground Floor, Dreams the Mall, LBS Marg , Bhandup West
Mumbai , India

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About Carewell Holistic IHC

Carewell Holistic IHC is located in Mumbai, India. Carewell Holistic IHC is specialized in HomeoPathy.
         Carewell Holistic IHC offers various treatments like Skin Disease Treatment, Renal Stone Treatment, Weight Loss, Hair Loss Treatment, Allergy, Dandruff, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Asthma, Obesity, Arthritis Treatment, Acne, Cervical spondylitis, Psoriasis, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Liver Disease Treatment, Sinusitis, Dengue Treatment, Insomnia, Depression, Thyroid problems, Pediatric Treatments, Adult Counselling, Youth Counselling, Bronchitis, Migraine, Menstrual Problems, Piles, Biliary Stone Treatment, Lifestyle Disorders, Warts, Heart Conditions, Joints and Musculoskeletal Disorders, Eczema, Rheumatism, Consultant Physician, Psychological Problems, Neurological Problems, Infertility Treatment, Gastritis, Geriatric Treatments, Colitis and Consultation. Dr. George Joshy (specialized in HomeoPathy) is associated with this clinic.

Doctors at Carewell Holistic IHC

Dr. George Joshy

  • Homeopathist
  •   Mumbai , India
  •  100 Doc Points

Treatments at Carewell Holistic IHC

Treatment Cost in INR
Skin Disease Treatment Not Provided
Renal Stone Treatment Not Provided
Weight Loss Not Provided
Hair Loss Treatment Not Provided
Allergy Not Provided
Dandruff Not Provided
Diabetes Not Provided
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Not Provided
Asthma Not Provided
Obesity Not Provided
Arthritis Treatment Not Provided
Acne Not Provided
Cervical spondylitis Not Provided
Psoriasis Not Provided
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Not Provided
Liver Disease Treatment Not Provided
Sinusitis Not Provided
Dengue Treatment Not Provided
Insomnia Not Provided
Depression Not Provided
Thyroid problems Not Provided
Pediatric Treatments Not Provided
Adult Counselling Not Provided
Youth Counselling Not Provided
Bronchitis Not Provided
Migraine Not Provided
Menstrual Problems Not Provided
Piles Not Provided
Biliary Stone Treatment Not Provided
Lifestyle Disorders Not Provided
Warts Not Provided
Heart Conditions Not Provided
Joints and Musculoskeletal Disorders Not Provided
Eczema Not Provided
Rheumatism Not Provided
Consultant Physician Not Provided
Psychological Problems Not Provided
Neurological Problems Not Provided
Infertility Treatment Not Provided
Gastritis Not Provided
Geriatric Treatments Not Provided
Colitis Not Provided
Consultation Not Provided

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