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  My right lower lip has been tw

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My right lower lip has been twitching and pulling in a downward pull on and off for the last couple of days. I googled it and i found that it could be a symptom of "Hemifacial spasm". But i cannot ascertain unless i take an expert opinion. Thanks in advance!

PAST HISTORY : Have a Stutter. Got my septoplasty done in 2006. I'm slightly over weight (height: 178 cms, weight: 95 kgs). Apart from that i don't have much of a medical history. Yes, i've been smoking marijuana on every weekends with friends for the past 1 year. Before that i used to smoke marijuana when i was in college 2000-2005. I consume alcohol during week ends. And i end up smoking a lot of cigarettes with alcohol. Roughly 15-20 sticks per day if i'm consuming liquor. otherwise i smoke 3-4 sticks during week days. Thanks!

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Patient asked followup Question: 5 years ago

It generally happens when i go out for a smoke during office break and i take a drag of smoke. This is the time when i feel the twitch. Today it happened 3-4 times when i was smoking especially when i was taking the smoke in.


Hemifacial spasm is a very rare disease and it usually effects at around 50-60 years of age but it can effect even young also. It usually starts from eyes and then effects to lower face(lips) and other muscles. Hemifacial spasm can be diagnosed with complete neurological exam and with the help of EEG.

Otherwise the causes can be -
1) Potassium deficiency
2) Work stress
3) Over emotional
4) Nervousness
5) Tiredness
6) At times facial nerve might be affected(cause might be infective or non infective)

So for correcting these -
1) Have food rich in potassium(banana,potassium supplement)
2) Yoga might be practised to reduce stress,which will also help you to reduce your nervousness
3)usually facial nerve is always affected suddenly but I do feel you should consult in a de-addiction centre which might help you leave this habit.
Usually alcohol,smoking and marijuna or septoplasty does not effect in this manner.

If you don't feel better then it is better to consult a doctor.

Feel free to ask more question.

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