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  • Dr. Arun Desai answered:

    I cant control masturbation. I do it so much time in ...
  • Dr. Arun Desai answered:

    Hello sir mai 20 years ka hu aaur kuwara hu mujhey ...
  • Dr. Arun Desai answered:

    Can mastrubution causes diabetes...? What problems can ...
  • Dr. kiran sutar answered:

    Hi doctors, I have my wisdom tooth shooting out and ...
  • Dr. Arun Desai answered:

    Mera lund dhila ho jata hai foreplay karte samay. phir ...
  • Dr. Arun Desai answered:

    hello sir muje sex mai sex kar nahi pata mera penis ...
  • Dr. Arun Desai answered:

    healthsum ayurvedic tab can i take or is it good for ...
  • Dr. Honey Arora answered:

    Hello Sir. Am Chewing too much Pan Masala. Now days ...
  • Dr. Arun Desai answered:

    I am 25 years old from bangalore, after my break up I ...
  • Dr. Dillon Dsouza answered:

    I am having nausea. Mostly i can't breath through ...
  • Dr. Arun Desai answered:

    Pichje gaalo ke liye kya kare ...
  • Dr. Arun Desai answered:

    hello sir when I listen sex & look then something ...
  • Dr. Yasmin Asma Zohara answered:

    Dear sir I only eat sweety supari last 2 year now i ...
  • Dr. Arun Desai answered:

    Sir,my penis is small bcs of daily hastmaithun ..bohot ...
  • Dr. Arun Desai answered:

    Sir gd afternoon, mai twenty year ka hun.Mai pahale ...

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