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  • Dr. Bhavisha Gandhi answered:

    i am 22 years and i am suffering from wisdom teeth ...
  • Dr. Suahil Ahamad answered:

    Hello Sir/Mam Mujhe Safed Pani aata h or bahut Jayada ...
  • Dr. Suahil Ahamad answered:

    Meri umur 36 year hai mai Ab sex nahi karna chahta koi ...
  • Dr. A. Kumar answered:

    Hii i am 24 and recently i am little worried coz my ...
  • Dr. A. Kumar answered:

    what is the treatment of fungus problem of penis i ...
  • Dr. Bhavisha Gandhi answered:

    My teeth have a white dot in big size what is that ...
  • Dr. PAPPU SARMA answered:

    Hello I'm a 24 years old man n my penis size is 15cm ...
  • Dr. Vijaykumar Kamat answered:

    Hi,doctor I am 14 year old girl reading in class 9 and ...
  • Dr. Bhavisha Gandhi answered:

    hello dr i am harish; on 2nd april2016 my root canal ...
  • Dr. Deepankur Mahajan answered:

    Hai Sir, This is Raju from feb 2016 on words I have a ...
  • Dr. A. Kumar answered:

    Hi..Sir My Age Is 24 Male I Am Masturbate From Last ...
  • Dr. A. Kumar answered:

    Sir my penis is small , what I do to be size increase ...
  • Dr. Bhavisha Gandhi answered:

    Hello What's the average price for teeth filling and ...
  • Dr. A. Kumar answered:

    I'm 21yr old my problem z the size of my penis , I ...
  • Dr. kiran sutar answered:

    Hi, You worked on my mom (Smt Meena Mishra) back in ...

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