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  I hv been having problems of d

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I hv been having problems of dizziness, and spinning sensations since last 4/5 days. Had the same earlier abt 2 yrs back but on a very mild scale and they went away without any medication. This time it has been rather acute. Visited the physician and hv been prescribed Vertin 8 mg 1x3 times a day before bkfst, lunch and dinner. After three days feeling better but the sensations are still there albeit milder. Feel the spinning sensation especially when I look straight up/down and then bring the head back to normal posn.Again when I am changing sides on bed while lying down from left to right rpt left to right I feel the same sensation. Tho' the dizziness and the spinning sensations are less now after taking the dosages of Vertin 8 last three days would u hv any advice as to how long it takes normally for the problems to be totally eliminated? I am particularly concerned as I am, tho' a retired person, a man of fairly active habits and for the various domestic chores often hv to drive quite a bit in heavy city traffic and as a result of this problem am completely grounded which is affecting our day-to-day life styles and needs.

PAST HISTORY : Mildly hypertensive and hv been on amlodipin 5 mg one tablet every day last 17 yrs. I hv a lower back problem for which I hv been on an yogic exercise regime last several years and it helps to keep the problem under check. Otherwise no real health issues. I generally sleep well tho' sometimes, like the current week, sleep is somewhat disturbed.

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Tablet Vertin is used for relief of vertigo due to several reasons, but it is to be known why is this vertigo occurring. For that reason MRI and other tests needs to be done.

The possible causes could be some problem in the brain or ear. If there is chronic disease in the ear, the internal ear is effected and there will be vertigo. The duration of vertigo will depend on the cause. To prevent worsening of symptoms during episodes of vertigo, try the following:
- Keep still, sit or lie down when symptoms occur and gradually resume activity.
- Avoid sudden position changes.
- Do not try to read when symptoms occur.
- Avoid bright lights.
- You may need help walking when symptoms occur.
- Avoid hazardous activities such as driving, operating heavy machinery, and climbing until 1 week after symptoms have disappeared.

Other treatment depends on the cause of the vertigo.

Feel free to ask more questions. Wish you a speedy recovery.

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